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Jessica's Second Email October 19th, 2013

 Second Email! October 19th, 2013

Hello family!!! Ahhhh an hour is not enough time!! Thank you so much for all the emails and letters. So last week I walked out of this room feeling like I was gonna throw up (nothin new) but this time it was because I was disgusted at how scattered my email was!! Probably so impossible to follow. No promises that this will be better but I'll try!! So I carry this little notebook around with me and I just write down everything I think of that I want to tell you about. After a week that thing was making me soooo stressed out so last night I spent like 30 minutes categorizing it for the sake of my sanity!!! Here it goes...

Kari Rich, I loved the pictures you sent me of cali, ryder, and junie!!! So fun to show those little cuties off to my comp and friends. 
Christie. You are the best sister in the whole entire world. She sent me sooo many profiles and wows!!! Ahhh I was in pen HEAVEN!! And tons of other stuff like mint truffles, pencil case. She even pulled through with the DIET COKEEE!!!!! Ahhhh such a dream. Love you! I sent you a thing today so look out for it!!
Mom! That pumpkin bread was sooooo danky. My whole district loved it. YUM. Thank you so much. Also you asked if I've been getting your stuff... do you not click to print the dear elders off?? Cause I see them on my email today but I've only gotten one printed. (Which is much preferred since I have so little time!!) And I'm not sure the exact rule on when I can hand write, but I sent you one the other day. I just do it during quiet time. There is also something in the mail for you!

Things I need:
K wow I hate the sound of this heading cause I sound like a brat, but it makes the most sense...
I would LOVE 3-4 skirt hangers. Maybe talk to Chris and see if she can get those? idk I just asked her today so if one of you could get that to me it would make me much less depressed every time I look at that horrid mess of skirts in my closet. Thanks!
I think we have a little blue battery powered alarm clock in the hallway drawer on the left side, second down. Please send that just sometime before I leave here. Apparently the govt runs out of monayyyy in the Philippines so they just turn the electricity off for a few days?? Sketch. But I don't really want to bring my plug in one.
Also! Dad said you got the family pictures back from Brit. I really want all of those if possible or at least most. Just like 4 by 6's printed at CVS or something. The only family pictures are of all of us lacking proper clothing on the beaches of Puerto Rico... so that always gets slightly awk during "brag about your family time."

Friends at the MTC!!!:
I love to see familiar faces here!! THE BEST!! Especiallyyyyyy when that face is that of MOLLY COCHRANE!!! (My BYU roommate.) She got here on Wednesday! I convinced sis green to study outside by the drop off curb that day (after much convincing, she agreed) so I saw her right when she got here. AND we are on the same floor for our bedrooms!! So I see her like 30 times a day. It's the BEST!! 
I also saw Ben in the cafeteria so that was fun!
And my friend Jake Blackwelder from BYU is here.
I saw Lyman who just moved up from west campus (he's the guy who was at our family reunion).

Things that make me laugh:
Apparently in the Philippines you point with your lips, not your mouth. We practiced that in class for like 10 minutes the other day. I'm gonna have the duck-face selfie down so good in 18 months!!!
In Tagalog Handa means ready. So every time we are getting ready to go somewhere and someone says that I automatically think HANDA MONKEY HANDA MONKEY HANDA MONKEY. People think I'm weird cause I just start laughing to myself but what can ya do?!
We decided we are best at spagolish... I guess I know a lot more Spanish than I though cause I always think of the word in Spanish when they ask for it in Tagalog. So ya... mix of English, Tagalog, and Spanish it is for now!
Sister Green and I now comfortably acknowledge the fast that neither one of us have EVER met someone who is more opposite than us. In our whole lives!!! Her favorites things consist of harry potter, musicals, reading, writing, so on so on so on.... so there's that. Now instead of pretending it's not there... we just say wow. The Lord really blesses us to not kill each other even though we are so different. The one thing we have in common is the gospel so we really are being blessed for our service!!! 
K so they told us that we are to wear our garments during gym time. I wasn't sure if that was a not-so-funny joke, or if they were being serious but I decided to be exactly obedient (sis greens favorite phrase!!!) So idk if that counts as funny. It really makes me cry more than laugh but it fit best in this category soooo... ya (that was for you dad).
No SUNDAY NAPS!!! This for sure would normally make me cry. But brother Kelley (elder in my zone) always says "We laugh so we don't cry" So true. Couldn't sum the MTC experience up better myself!! 

OK so in Tagalog you say religion pretty much the same but with a lisp!! It literally makes me gag every time. My teacher doesn't appreciate it but I really can't help it. Sorry I'm not sorry?? JK I'm a missionary now so I try not to say that anymore. (A recommendation from sis green!!) 
CHRISTIE you are so legit!! Congrats on your internship. You literally get everything you try at. I am so excited for you!!!
The elders are like practically super good at Tagalog in our district. It would make me mad, but they are so nice and humble about it and always trying to help us sisters. They don't have sisters so they say we are their sisters. They are super cool.
Since this will only be the case for like 2 more days I think, I just wanted to take a moment to soak up the fact that we have 4 missionaries out from the Richmond family!!! YAY clay, Jesse, and mads!!! (My cousins name is Jesse btw, I'm not yaying myself!!!) 
I hope that cactus to clouds went great and I still have a dad and 3 brothers!! You are so legit!!!

OK ahhh hopefully I will have time to send pictures. Just some little things to hopefully inspire someone!! The Sunday night fireside was SO legit!!!! OH MY!! My favorite part was when all the thousands of missionaries stood and sang called to serve. The spirit was SO strong. Later that night we watched a video that was a previously recorded MTC devotional from Elder Bednar. EVERYONE WATCH IT!!!! So legit Oh my. It is called Character of Christ and it's amazing. It's an hour so hopefully you can make it a family night or something! Dallin H. Oaks came Tuesday and gave a devotional. Favorite thing he said "whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies." 

TOP 10:

Alright!! Well I am very out of time. Sorry for the novel. I love you all and I REALLY love hearing from you all!!! You are the best. Thank you for your love and support. I am happy to be here and happy to be a missionary!!! INGAT!!! (Take Care)

Love, Sister Richmond

Jessica wrote captions for the pics and asked me to write them under so that's what they are! haha. 

"Outta the gates! Sunday Walk"

"Girls in my district after a temple session"                                                     "Matching Skirts"
    "Companions!"                                           "I love Sister Green"

"LOL Missionary Kicks"

                                             "Cheese"                            "When in doubt, selfie out"

"My friend from Highlands Ranch. Sister Alex Cattich!"


"My district and the other Philippines district that came in the same day. We do a lot with them. Same Zone."

"Girls from the two districts"

"Kasama (Companion)"

"Our District (The Whole District. Only 6 of us.)"

"My friend Eric from BYU"

"A solo sister and solo elder can't take a picture together. The boy who is standing next to me is my friend's cousin so we took this to send to him. HAH Sorry Sister Green."

"Classic picture like mom wanted"


"Not sure how allowed this is but it started raining and was arctic so an elder in the other district gave me his coat."

"Both districts huddling under the tree to stay out of gates as long as possible."

"Such good pumpkin bread from momma"

"Can't really tell, but we both have puff sleeves"

"AMAZING pens from Christie! Wow and Profiles (the brand of pen) Yay!"

"Tried to look like I injured my heel. Really my shoes stained my foot."


BYU Roommates reunited! 

 "Diet Coke from the best sister ever"

"Molly and I are on the same floor so we hang out at night"

"Classroom with the girls"


"Pizza Night!"

"Reunited with the best vendies"

"AND Chocolate Milk!"

"Walkin to the temple! Beautiful day!"

"The two Nov 18 Philippines Districts"

"Temple walks are the best"

"After hours Gardetto party with Molly!"

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