Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jessica's Fiftieth Email! September 28th, 2014

Okay!!!!!! Ahhh feel like my hands are gonna fall off because of how fast I have been trying to type this whole email time! DAD! I'm kinda fast now! Probably won't even try to bribe you to type my papers anymore! OK! It's hunt-urts birthday!!!! wooohoooo. Welcome to the 20's. ahhh just died saying that :) K. SO I read the best talk this week! "Finishers wanted," by President Monson... you all MUST read it! Buttt since you probably won't here's the best line for sure! "A vision without effort is daydreaming, effort without vision is drudgery; but vision, coupled with effort, will obtain the prize." YESSSSS. So inspirational, right?!

We had a few very discouraging things happen this week, as we always do. Good thing we've got Marez and Angela to make it all okay again. So we had like 3 people in one day tell us that they didn't want to listen to us because blah blah So as they all sat there explaining themselves for like 20 minutes, it just sounded like such a classic breakup, "It's not you, it's me. I'm just not ready for the commitment." aka- we saw right through all of that to their fear of change, but it's all good! There are plenty of fish in the sea! Their time will come. My companion had a really hard time with it all though, so I am the worst and couldn't help but take a few pics of the breakdown because HELLO! It was hilarious how there were like 8 kids just staring at her while she faced the wall crying. The pics actually cheered her up a bit, so don't judge me too hard. Trying to help her go with the flow a lil :) She's still just so sweet though, very... tender hearted??

We had the best branch FHE this week! Had 4 investigators show up and it was just splendid! Games and the best. Then the next morning I woke up feeling so sick, but we had exchanges with the STL's so we went down to Canaman. Within a few minutes of Personal Study I was in the bathroom throwing up. And ya, that's how it went the whole day. But hey, counting my blessings, their bathroom is WAY nicer than ours! Also it was a super fun day. In the morning Sister Beus stayed home with me and then Sister Saifoloi in the afternoon. Both from America and just so fun to talk to and yep, horribly okay day if you know what I mean?? Also kick start to my diet so that's a plus. ;)

We had interviews this week! Always such a highlight! I told president all about Emi and how she is waiting for her call. Told him I've been praying for Naga, and told him my next interview will be me begging to let us be companions if that happens. But he told me the odds of that happening aren't in her favor. Sayang!(alas) I've still got hope though. That thing's gotta hurry up and get there!

Also, Marez read me some of Brandon and mom's FB messages to her. Member missionaries from across the world, that's what I like to see! Thank you sooooo much. She said the English was throwin her off haha. Love her.

kk, Love ya all tons! Can someone pretty pretty please look into how I change my BYU deferment from fall to summer?! Thanks!!!! Love you all tons. Have an awesome week for me!!!!

Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!! THE BEST! Thank you mother and Christie (LOVED the elephant pants) and ahh everyone. Loved the notes and so thoughtful. THANKS!
2. Coffee break hahah. Marez made us rice coffee. its just burnt rice and boiling water but they say it tastes like coffee. That's how we get our investigators to give up coffee!
3. Exchanges... kinda
4. Branch FHE for family week
5. Interviews with President Reeder!
6. Marez is FB friends with the fam!
7. Took my 1 year worm pill... that means I'm gettin pretty old in the mission. Crazy!
8. Angela will be baptized this Saturday!
9. Walked 2 YW home after they got WAY shaken up because a SNAKE wrapped around one of their legs
10. We had a brownout the ENTIRE night.... power was still off when we left. No sleep (this one is sarcastic)

 Thank you grandmother!!!!!

 Card from grandma

 Andddd from Sister Taylor!

 The lopez sisters brought me a cake!

 White bean... siemps

 I'm the worst

 Birthday dinner

 I love the McSpicy

 From the Kabahays

 If you were wondering how chicharrones are made. 

Our favorite old man... Lolo Antonio

(This is a gift Austin gave her. He drew it.)