Monday, September 15, 2014

Jessica's Forty Eighth Email! September 14th, 2014

Hello!!!! Well, so far the birthday is going great haha. Complete with a dunkin donuts stop and all! Also opened great gifts from Grandma and Sister Taylor!! Thank you soooo much!!!! It was a great week in the Philippines.

We have some investigators who are super on track to be baptized in the next month or 2. One is Marez. I love her! She is so solid. She is 18 and just the funniest! She's been to church the last 3 weeks and we only met her 3 weeks ago. Started living the Word of Wisdom the day we taught it and she is just so ready! We went back for our appointment with her and asked how her reading was in the B.O.M. She pulled out a spiral notebook where she had taken tons of notes to be sure she was getting it all! Ahh. Such a light for us when everyone else seems to be hiding from us and lying to our faces! She and all the other girls/moms in Relief Society yesterday were also TRIPPING when they saw the family pic I have in my scripture case. They couldn't believe mom was my mom, thought I was the older sister! hahah. And she loves the don. Already talks about serving a mission and said she hopes she goes to Austria so she can meet him! She thought I was Austrian all this time! hahah she is such a hoot.

So as far as the liars and hiders, REALLY getting on my nerves! I just wanna say what dad always said to us when we were being less than reasonable. "You wanna play the dumb game, I can play the dumb game!" haha, runs through my head every time they spend more time making excuses than if they would just let us teach them!

My companion is seriously the sweetest person I've ever met. So caring. I gotta be careful what I say around her now because she will go so out of her way to fix or do anything for me! She saw that my camera case zipper broke and she asked where I got it. Said my parents gave it to me like 6 years ago and I would just buy a new one. Well, the next morning I woke up and she has replaced the zipper! (No clue how she even did that! Had to un-thread and sew all this stuff.) And she washed it and wow. Then I told her I wanted to fix the front and back cover of my PMG (Preach my Gospel) that had torn off. Next morning, wake up and she had unbound the whole thing and taped it all up and good as new! She also made a Happy Birthday sign and it was on my wall when I woke up. The KINDEST.

Okay, let's see. What else! That Indian lady is still hilarious. "Why you always walking and walking and walking. It's so mainit!" Hahha and she told us she doesn't have diabetes yet which is good because she has to drink a coke to fall asleep. Oh the people you meet.

Okay, well, we are outta here. I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do for me!
Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Sister Simpson gave the sisters in our apartment cake at transfers to bring back for me. The nicest comps, I swear!
2. Sister Deyro... enough said there??
3. Birthday package from Grandma and the gift Sister Taylor left before she went home. So thoughtful!
4. Marez and the other progressing investigators
5. The new zone leader who is in our branch is my homie haha. Fellow southern Californian
6. Health still good
7. About to enjoy birthday lunch at the White Bean!
8. Tropical storm this weekend. So windy and nice!
9. Birthday emails from the urts. Finally the brothers email hahah
10. Ordered choc chip cookies this week from a members bake shop. SO GOOD. Can't wait for that all the time. Ovens are cool!

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