Monday, September 15, 2014

Jessica's Forty Third Email! August 10th, 2014

Hey everyone!!
Okay emailing time always goes soooo fast, but I’ll do my best to fill ya in on the week! First of all! The power!!! Ahhh so sad. So it came back on last Sunday night, right?! Well apparently a few minutes after we left on Monday morning it went off again for a few days! Ahhh such a tease! Now we have power with a daily brownout or 2. And also, we were the LAST missionaries in the whole mission to get power! Everyone else has had it for weeks. And the elders in our town, the ZL’s, they still don’t have it!!!! Haha It’s been a month! They are the very very last to get it. So sad. But we charge their phone and keep water bottles in the freezer for them and stuff. Kawawa sila!

Okay, side note. I'm leaving the teens in one month!!! Ahhh. Freaky. I glanced at the calendar and saw the 20 I wrote on my birthday and it just was the scariest sight.

Wow, already all over the place. The miracle I told you about! Her name is Vickie. The one who remembered Zoram! Okay. Well the mission is full of ups and downs. Went to teach her and she came out with her book of Mormon yelling yayayya I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready. So excited for us to teach her. Went back in the house to grab her baby and we didn’t see her again that night. Her husband wasn’t havin it. Heard some yelling and that was that. We were walking down the street the next day and there she was! Ahh the best sight. Ran up to us so excited. SO she is doing great, accepted a baptismal date and ahh she is so receptive to our lessons. She is going to be baptized! I know it! Has some setbacks but wants to change! Hopefully in September!

Also! The bible basher really shocked us by accepting a baptismal date! She is so different these days! Actually listens to us and asks real questions and lets us answer and ahhh. It’s incredible. We thought she must’ve misunderstood the invitation to be baptized so we were clarifying and she was like, I understood the question. Yes! I will prepare. So both of those lessons were last night and wow. Talk about walking on cloud 9 the whole way home. It was a wonderful week. The hard work really paid off!

Hmmm Oh! Branch activity! So fun. Haha. The whole day! Like 7am-6pm. Crazy! We just went for lunch and towards the end to help clean up and stuff but it was great! We had investigators show up! Great day. And they always end it with a water fight. I was trying to hang on the sides so I wouldn’t get involved, but it turns out little kids REALLY like to pour water on missionaries haha. And pay back was necessary ;) It was a great event though and cool to see the branch come together for it.

Sister Deyro was pretty sick this week. Super high fever and stuff, but she is a trooper, so we hardly missed any work because of it. I tried to have her rest, she wouldn’t! But I did take care of her like mom always does, cold wash cloths and such. I felt horrible for her, But I’ll be honest, I kinda like taking care of sick people haha. But she is all good now so back to full throttle ahead!

Quick thought on a scripture I read this week! In the Book of Mormon about the 3 Nephites who stayed on the earth until the second coming comes to help build the kingdom of God. 3Nephi 28:9 says, “neither sorrow save it be for the sins of the world.” I thought of how disgusted they must be with our days. All lust and fame and greed and ahh. Must break their hearts. Let’s do our part to make them proud! To take away just a speck of sorrow for them! What do you say team?!?!

Keep living how you should and know that I love you all very much! Have a wonderful week and read your scriptures!!!!

 Love youuuuu,
Sister Richmond

Top 10:
1. Two new Baptismal Dates!
2. Power (for real this time I think!)
3. Branch anniversary activity
4. A whole less-active family who we teach came to church! First time since I got here!
5. Zone training
6. Back to teaching 20 plus lessons a week. It’s been slow since the typhoon!
7. Finally learned how to cook chop sui!
8. Bought a flower pot and planted the seeds from mom! No progress yet! No patience!
9. Taught a lesson to a lady whose son is named Joseph Smith
10. Saw a dead cat smashed in the road (actually kinda sad… but ever since my 4th grade anti-cat poem book, I’ve wanted to see that)

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