Monday, September 15, 2014

Jessica's Forty Fourth Email! August 17th, 2014

I think this is gonna be a short one, so you're welcome! haha um a week of ups and downs for sure.

Tuesday, on FIRE! We were blessed to teach 8 lessons which just never happens. Got referrals and ahhh, we were thinking we'd be around 30 lessons for the week. The next three days. Rough! 3 days of 3 lessons each. Punted all day. Talked to everyone. Tried to teach. They weren't havin it. SO hard. But we still tried to make the best of it. One way we lift our spirits is stopping by Lola Putong's every night on our way home for dinner and singing a hymn with her. Makes my day! And ahhh she starts singing along and just is so smiley and it's the most precious thing! Our way golden investigator was doing great Tuesday! We taught her and then stopped by at night with the elders so they could give her a blessing to help her stop smoking. Ahh the spirit was there and it was just lovely. Then Wednesday she left for her parent's house or something and we haven't seen her since! Devastating.
 But she should be back later today so we will stop by tonight and see what's up with her.

Side note! My flower pot is not progressing! haha, got a few weeds and that's where we're at! But I was watering it one day and a thought dawned on me! My plant on my dresser! Please tell me someone's been taking good care of it! We really bonded on the 12 hour drive home from Provo! When me and Megan stopped at In-n-out, we even brought it out a cup of water! Love that thing.
Okay. Can I tell you how great Sister Taylor is at sending me pics and keeping me in the loop! Even sent me pics of Daniel, Christie, and Brandon's graduations cause I said I hadn't seen any yet!

Well! We are still focusing on finding. We keep finding, then they keep hiding, and we're left with nobody to teach again. But hey, on the bright side, we're really mastering that lesson 1 stuff haha.
When we have more people progressing and a more eventful week I'll fill ya in a little better!

Love you all tons and hope your week is great.
xoxo, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. 8 lessons in one day
2. Singing with Lola every night
3. 2 days this week we ate lunch in like 10 minutes so we got in a 30 minute nap! My body lets me fall asleep now!
4. Had 2 Relief Society members work with us the other day! Mom and Amy, still ward missionaries?? Gotta get out with the sisters. So fun!
5. A Less active in the elder's area came back to church! Hasn't been to church in 15 years but his fam is way active. He's totally changed in a matter of like 10 days. Even cut his shoulder length hair and got a polo! The gospel does great things.
6. Our recent convert Alice worked with us. I took her phone away and it made all the difference! She was a great help to the lesson!
7. During language study I wrote a bunch of letters in Tagalog. Way more fun than the usual
8. Got the wonderful privilege of giving a talk yesterday haha
9. Sister Deyro is so good in the scriptures! Like Lindsey Heap good!
10. DunkinDonuts4Lyfe

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