Monday, September 15, 2014

Jessica's Forty Seventh Email! September 7th, 2014

Hello!!!!! Literally out of time almost cause this internet was struggling earlier!!! But I just want to tell you all how much I love and appreciate you! I am doing good health wise. Just have to sleep with my head elevated which is not enjoyable, drink apple cider vinegar which makes me cringe, and take acid pill things which is fine. But! I couldn't be happier and life is good! I can breathe like a champ and everything is good.

We had transfer announcements this week. I am.... STAYING... again. Haha So I will hit 1 year in my second area. Mixed emotions but we'll make it a great one and we have some people lined up for baptism, just pray they stay on track! The Zone Leaders baptized the greatest couple this week. A family! It was so amazing and they are so converted. Such a neat experience. And our investigator Marez came and LOVED it. Kept saying how she can't wait to be next and all sorts of stuff. Too fun. I love baptisms. We taught a really sad but awesome lesson this week. One of our investigators we just found out gave birth and lost her baby within a few hours. It was such a neat lesson to be able to share with her that that baby is still hers and they will be together again. It's moments like that when my testimony is so strengthened and I am so grateful for God's plan for us. The strength that comes from that knowledge cannot be beat. She was sad, but she really seemed to have that hope as we shared that she will hold her baby one day. She was still in the ICU until after the burial and never even got to see her baby. I think that's the part that was really hard for her. But so neat that she will see her baby for the first time with a strong, healthy body. The mission is full of unbeatable experiences that I am so humbled to be a part of.

Mom, you always do that "last time my 8 year old daughter will eat a sandwich" and things like that for like the whole month before a birthday, so here's one for you. Here's the last email you will get from your 19 year old daughter... actually last time you will have a teenage daughter!!! No more sassy girls around. Well, I guess 20 year olds can be sassy too. Anyway, talk to you next week when I'm 20!!!! ahhh. Freaky. Love you all tons. Have a good week.

Top 10.
1. ZL's baptism (Zone Leader's)
2. 4 investigators at church yesterday
3. District service project
4. Christie sent me so many of the recent pics of the precious kids I used to babysit
5. Emi, Don, and Mae are livin the cougar life! Welcome to BYU!
6. Zone training
7. Surprise cleaning checks by the Reeders and we passed!
8. Finished the New Testament
9. Started Jesus the Christ
10. Healthy and doing well!

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