Monday, September 15, 2014

Jessica's Forty Sixth Email! September 2nd, 2014

Hello everybody! Whewwww, what a week.

Sorry I'm a day late, I've been in the hospital for 2 days. Don't worry, nothing serious, mostly just took forever for anything in there to happen. So lots of sitting around waiting for doctors and stuff. But I'll start with last week. So Tuesday, normal day. My cold got like all the way gone pretty much. But Tuesday night right after we got home, we were getting ready for planning and I was just having the hardest time breathing! So we just went on as usual, Sister Deyro was kinda getting freaked out so I said I was fine and after planning went to bed. Wednesday, woke up, pretty much the same. The other 3 sisters in the apartment wanted me to go to the doctor, but I had a goal not to go to one my whole mission. No time for that as a missionary! So we just did the regular morning schedule and went out to work. It was so hard to breathe the whole morning. Like I couldn't take a full breath, just a bunch of half ones. So then I kinda started getting concerned but tried to hide it because my sweet companion gets kinda worried about a lot of things. At lunch the 3 sisters ganged up on me and texted Sister Reeder and they all decided I needed to go see a doctor. So we went, he didn't really know what was up. Prescribed some stuff but asked like 0 questions and did 0 tests. We just weren't American enough I guess, didn't demand answers. So we went and got the meds. He said it would take about 2 days for them to kick in. Went back to work after we got home from the pharmacy, but still tough.

Thursday was so good! We had zone conference with the Reeders. And! We were combined with Naga zone so I got to see so many of my favorite missionaries. Still wasn't breathing well, but enjoyed it none the less. They just always have the BEST counsel and the spirit is so strong. I love them so much. I've said it before, but if I can't have my parents for 18 months, I think they're for sure a good fill in. Such parents to all of us.

Got home from conference and worked. Friday: Weekly planning which was my favorite one since Sister Taylor left. We made a chart for the wall to keep all our investigators organized and it was so fun. We worked and wow. Oh how difficult it was to breathe, andddd, we walked to one of our furthest areas. I'm sorry. I know... not a good idea. But we had appointments and waiting for the tricie just wastes so much time. So anyway, that was Friday.

Saturday was bad. The minute I woke up I was struggling. And this time I couldn't hide it from my sweet companion. So her asthma started acting up and we were quite the scene haha. I was ganged up on.. yet again, and back to a different doctor we went. This time we were more pushy, got x-rays, BLOOD TAKEN (mom, yes. It was just as bad as the good old days when you made Christie take me because you were too embarrassed), also some other test. Everything came up pretty normal though. So I got yet some more meds. And was ordered to Rest. Missionaries just aren't good at resting. The whole rest of the day I just wanted to leave. Convinced them to let me go to an FHE. Sunday, church then back to the house. Got a SUNDAY NAP after studies. And the best part, I was being obedient by taking a nap. They said to sleep as much as I could. And whewww, so weird but good but guilty and just a hard feeling. Sunday night they let me go to the Lopez's for our Sunday dinner appointment. All was well. Then I ate some frozen fruit dessert thing. I got SO COLD. Like shaking and my fingers were turning purple. For the 3rd time, ganged up on. The Lopez's are friends with the Reeders so they called and down to the ER we went. They drove me and Sister Deyro which was way nice. We got there and the Reeders were there. Oxygen levels were way down so they put me on oxygen. After about two hours they took us up to a room and the others went home for the night. I had the oxygen for like 24 hours and around noon yesterday the doctor FINALLY came. He decided he thinks it's acid reflux whatever that means. It's not too serious, just gotta stop eating spicy food and some other things. And there are pills and blah blah blah. As of today I can breathe pretty normal! I was soooo ready to get out of that room. I convinced Sister Deyro to let me go down to the cafeteria with her and I was just roaming the halls which isn't allowed but I think people are too scared to tell Americans they're doing something wrong. Even at the grocery store you're supposed to open your bag so they can check it. I've never done that once and they've never told me to. Anywayyy, sorry, all over the place. It was so boring at times but then Sister Reeder was the best and kept coming by for a few hours and it was so fun to talk to her. I really think it was such a tender mercy from God. I have reallyyyy been missing my mother lately and just being able to spend so much time with my mission mom. So needed. So fun. Such a neat lady. SO yes, then we finally got the nurses to call the doctor in today to release me. Sister Reeder took us to the pharmacy and even got us Oreos and we had to take some sisters somewhere and just little things like that. Mom, can't wait for errand parties with you! The best! And we were in a real car. AC and all. Too cool.

It's been a weird week. I'm glad everything seems to be figured out now and I can get back to the missionary life! I miss our investigators and teaching and ahhh, it's gonna be a good week.
Sorry this is like the longest email ever. Just figured you'd wanna know how your missionary ended up in a hospital in a 3rd world country mom! Just know I am on the road to good health, I am happy, and I am excited to get back to work. It made me realize how fun being a missionary really is. The energy that comes from sharing the simple truths of the gospel is the best. Trying to help in the happiness of others. I love you all soooo much and hopefully next week I can tell you about all the really great lessons we'll get to teach this week! Keep the Faith.

PS- Totally missed grandma's birthday yesterday!!!! And I think Clayton's is coming up this week! Happy birthday to you two!! Love you both sooo much. Hope you enjoy! :)

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Quality time with Sister Reeder
2. Got a 4 hour Sunday nap
3. Had a dream me and mom were shopping at Nordstrom. That will be the day
4. Zone conference
5. All the nurses who were SO shocked I can speak Tagalog. They all laughed for like 5 minutes
6. Finished the Book of Mormon again! And started again. You can never get enough, always so much to learn. Read it... every day!
7. Jack Johnson was playing in the doctor's one day
8. I can breathe
9. My favorite sister is online right now
10. My comp is a nursing major and just took such good care of me all week!

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