Monday, September 15, 2014

Jessica's Forty Fifth Email! August 24th, 2014

HI! Okay, no time but I will try my best!

First off! Happy late birthday to the don and happy anniversary to my favorite couple, mom and dad!!!! Sorry, forgot to mention it last week but I thought of you all. We even made tacos to celebrate the don. Had to make homemade tortillas, but they turned out okay. Don! Can we hit up T bell when I'm home?!

Okay, Tuesday. THE BEST! We had exchanges so we came down to the STL's (Sister training leader's) and I worked with Sister Saifoloi who I love sooo much! She is from Hawaii and she's so fun! We worked hard and celebrated with a little dinner party at the WHITE BEAN, just my fave food place here. Then we slumbered downstairs with Sister Ngakuru, another one of my faves!!! It was so fun. Ate chocolate, listened to the best EFY has to offer, and just talked. Like the best night of the mish ever since me and Sister Taylor were split up! Even matched with some cray cray leggings!
The rest of the week was a little more mellow. I got sick but my comp took great care of me. Made me chicken ginger soup, got me meds, the whole shabang. Such a sweetie! Love her! I still woke up with a cough this morning but it's a lot better!!!!! Don't worry, we didn't miss any work though. In fact we made up almost all the lessons we didn't have time to teach because of exchanges! We worked hard, extended baptismal dates to EVERYONE. Got rejected a lot, but hey! We enjoyed ourselves so all is well!

Quick thing. We taught a lesson in this lady's Tindihan the other night. About 20 people came and bought from her while we were teaching. Every single one bought either coffee, cigarettes, or alcohol! SO SAD. And that place was pretty stocked with some prime snacks too. So sad to see. But hey, one day, they will all realize how dumb all of it is and listen to our message and there will be rainbows and butterflys and ahhh cant wait hahah. well, a girl can dream!

Yesterday we taught this Indian lady. SO cool, she grew up here but says she hates Tagalog so we taught in English. SO HARD. I am still so normal at speaking English with other missionaries but when it's someone I don't know and when it's gospel terms. OH! The hardest challenge! I literally forgot what panunumbalik was in English and had to ask my comp, a Filipina mind you!!!!! haha she was like uhhhh, restoration!!! Could not think of it! SO that was fun to forget just a lil bit of English.
OK, I am SOOO out of time. I love you all, have such a good week.
We will probs have a district activity next week so I will be late emailing! Praying for ya all!!!!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Exchanges
2. Picnic last p-day in the plaza with my comp! Both wanted different things so got take out and ate it on a bench. Priceless
3. Realized my alarm clock is still on it's first set of batteries! 10 months babyyy
4. Sis Deyro introduced me to a new exotic fruit... and it's CLEAR. so cool
5. Deep clean of the apartment
6. Got cold yesterday for a few minutes! Goosebumps and all
7. Brownies at the Lopez's last night!
8. Hit most of our key indicators this week!
9. Emails from a lot of my fave 7th ward moms today
10. Had 2 investigators come to church who we never would've guessed would show!

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