Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jessica's Fortieth Email! July 13th, 2014

HELLO!!!! Great news!!!! I am TB free! We went and got x-rays this morning.
Horrible news!!!! A TYPHOON is going to hit Naga tomorrow around 3pm!!! AHHHHHHH. We have been getting texts all morning from the Zone Leaders about evacuation plans and stuff like that. Pretty much, I’m scared to death. I am really trying to work on that whole faith thing. So yes! Way short on time cause we gotta stock up the 72 hour kit and charge the flashlights and ahhhh I’m stressing thinking about it. 
But we just stopped by the mission office to drop off the x-rays and stuff and I got the package from mom!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Didn't open it yet because we just went to email and I am going back to pick it up after. But thank you! The Assistant who was my Zone Leader in Tigaon knows how blessed I am with the mail! He said, Sister Richmond! I’m not even surprised anymore, and no need to tell you cause it's just expected, but you got another package haha. What can I say?!! I have the BEST family and friends!!! Also, earlier in the week I got letters which were so great. One from EMIII!!!!!! AND!!! A package from Kari Rich!!!! Thank you soooo much. Trader Joes snacks <3. I really appreciate it! 
Ok! So this week started off SLOW. Haha Sister Ril had some sort of fever/flu deal all of Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn't leave the apartment from Monday night to Thursday morning. 60 HOURS in the place!!! Haha just had to go out on the balcony a few times for a breath of air! But wow! I sure was productive, let me tell ya! Haha I was just go go go the whole time. I read like all the conference talks from the October 2012 conference. Read the whole book of Helaman, finished 1 Cor in the bible. I watched the Joseph Smith movie and 17 miracles. Tons of Mormon messages. Wrote all the Sisters in my batch in the Naga mission. And wrote Mary, Mckayla and Mel. Did my eyebrows. made BR pages. Did all my laundry including my big blanket (which I think was a good thing. Pretty sure bed bugs are for SURE in my mattress). Ahhh so yes. That’s everything I did for 60 hours in case anyone was wondering Haha. Didn’t mean to go into so much detail.
Ok so then Thursday finally back out in the game. After District Meeting we went out teaching! First lesson hahaha. We taught the word of wisdom to this lady we've been teaching for a while and 10 of her nephews/sons/and their friends. So like 10 guys in their 20's and this 60 year old lady. At least 4 of the guys were smoking during the word of wisdom lesson! And then there was this one super drunk guy who kept coming in and out. It was a crazy experience hahaha. But they committed to try and stop! :) 
Then we headed over to our born again investigator. I’m sorry, but I'll be honest. I DO NOT LIKE TEACHING BORN AGAINS> Everyone I have ever taught is such a bible basher. It's so frustrating. Asks a question, then before we can answer tries to prove wrong the answer she thinks I would have answered. CRAZY! 
OH MY GOSH. The APs told us we could email at SM while we wait for the x ray stuff so we are in this place and the whole wall is just glass. These 10 high school girls just saw me and ran in the shop and all took a selfie with me hahaha. AWKWARD!! I will never understand. 
Ok back to the born again. We taught about prophets and authority and she was like uhh so my church doesn't have authority?. AWKWARD!! That’s like the thing we always jokingly say during practice teaching because it would never actually happen. Well, it happened!!!! 
Ok really gotta go! But I will just forward here what I wrote to president this morning. The girls are back for more pics. one sec!
Ok, they are gone. Here is an experience I told him about:
There was one day this week when we were out to work that was interesting. We were walking down the street and we passed about 10 people. We had at some point taught every single one of them, but they never progressed. At first it was almost discouraging and I felt like we had nobody left to try. But then I thought about it and I felt good. This may not be their time to accept the gospel! But at least I know that I am doing all I can. We have talked to and taught so many people in Camaligan. We have tried to fulfill our purpose, but in the end they have agency. It was just a neat thing to realize all the people we have reached out to. So we will just continue to put in the effort and pray for those who are prepared!
So yes, we are doing what we can!!! Even though our investigators are lackin and slackin!!!!! All those great moms I told you about like 2 weeks ago, ya they are hiders now. Too bad! We will keep finding!!!! 
Ok!!! The girls are taking pics through the glass now. This is getting outta control! I’m gonna leave now!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! PRAY I SURVIVE THE STORM! Have a great week.
Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Broke out the new garments on the 1/2 way day
2. Had 2 very productive house bound days
3. Mak is a missionary!!!! In the Mexico MTC, then up to CA!!!
4. I can speak Tagalog! Sometimes it’s still crazy to me
5. TB free!
6. Sister Ril gave me her bowl that is my FAVORITE for my oatmeal! 
7. Lunch swap with Sister Ril. I cooked terriaki and the next day she did Adobo.
8. Letters and packages
9. First time emailing in SM

10. I don’t have time to ponder a 10th! But it was a good week!

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