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Jessica's Sixty Fifth Email! January 11th, 2015

DEVASTATING NEWS: I am leaving Daet tomorrow morning!!!!! They changed the transfer announcements in our mission so now we get a call... on Monday morning if we transfer. And then Tuesday morning is the transfer. So I just found out a few hours ago and so much to do and whew... it will be a long day :) It was SUCH a shock because Sister Araja has been in the area for a transfer longer than me, so we were sure she was the one going!!! But, she's staying! And! Our kabahays (the other 2 sisters in our house) are pulled out! So the Zone Leaders called like Wednesday I think to tell us that their area was closing and we needed to plan with them and go see their area and stuff. Cause we split their area between our area and the elder's area. So Thursday all 6 of us met at the church to decide the divisions and stuff. Then Saturday morning we went and worked with them in their area. Well, we thought that maybe one of them would stay with me here so they knew the area but nope! All 3 of us are going and Sister Araja is the only one staying and will get a new companion tomorrow! So crazy!!!!! Expect the unexpected?? But as much as I really really wanted to die here, (Missionaries say die and that means finish their mission in that area, not actually die) and really really thought I would, I am excited for another adventure. I know that we are called where we are needed so I am trying to be humble and accept this. I really do love this ward though, and the area, and the beach ;) Kidding. But really, these people.

The De Guzman family is the greatest. I will miss them all so much. And all the members really. And our recent convert, Julie- Ann. And our investigators, ahhh the investigators!!! So many who are just so golden and I KNOW that they will be baptized within the next few months. We have 3 couples getting married so that they can be baptized (2 of the men are less active, so their wives will be baptized, then one couple will be baptized). Ahh their lives are changing and I sooo wanted to be a part of it. But at least we can see them all when mom and dad come and hopefully they are all baptized and on the right path. It's breaking my heart even more to think about them all!!! Oh and this one girl, the cutest! She's 16 I think. Her dad is wayyy less active but her grandma and aunts are super active. She's waned to be baptized for years, but her mom was very against it. Well, on New Years their mom left the family, off to manila, not coming back. So she is staying with the grandma and she will be baptized on Jan 31. She always tries to convince us to move it to the upcoming Saturday and she just couldn't be more excited. Man. Leaving will be harder than I though, getting kinda teary eyed and I know from experience when Christie told me she was pregnant that crying in computer shops is beyond awkward, so I'll stop telling you about her. Just know that I LOVE these people. I am so grateful that I was assigned here in Daet because I literally can't even imagine my life without some of them. God really does know exactly where each one of us needs to be.

Tomorrow morning we will head down to Naga for transfer announcements and I will be assigned my new comp and area. Missions are just a roller coaster of emotions :) Wouldn't trade this time for anything. Wish I could slow this clock down cause April is coming up so quickly. I am so excited to see you all, but I still have so much more I need to do and become!

Speaking of missions, this week my friend Sav enters the MTC and then Emi is a month from today. Ahhhh, get ready for the best experience of your livessssss. I love you all so much. I love being a missionary. I love this ward and I love Daet. I will fill ya all in next week on where I am :)
Mahal Kita,

Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. 3 beautiful months in Daet (the promised land)
2. Sav is heading off to the MTC!!!! wooot wooot, good luck :)
3. My comp decided to reveal her amazing cooking skillz this week. So much good food!
4. Got to serve with Sister Araja. So many people just become your best friends who you just NEVER thought would
5. Emi will be Sister Doncheva in 31 days
6. We have so many super progressing investigators getting ready for their baptisms!
7. Slap killed 3 mosquitoes this week.
8. Had a dream I was driving around running errands with Christie and Daniel's baby. I cannot wait to be an aunt! 
9. Got the Heap's and Neri's Christmas cards
10. Off to another adventure

(The first 33 pics are from Jessica's companion's camera... so there are some a few months old. After that are Jessica's pictures from this week.)

One of our first nights together

First Sunday in Daet

Canlas family

Awkward family pics. Meant to send this for Christmas!

Christmas Eve at bishop's

Christmas Eve caroling


Rafer family

So at home. Don't worry, this is allowed in our mission :)

Watching 17 miracles after nightly planning

The district. We were all together for 12 weeks!

Nicka's baby's blessing

Lester and Nicka

District activity. 
Finished up here at Catherines with some lunch


The Morales couple

Church at Basud. 
They meet in that little red building behind us.

Cows at the beach... it's whatever

Sister David. Goes home tomorrow!

Well, it was fun while it lasted

Nanay killing the chicken. So epic

Quite the process. So fun they had me watch it all!

Since Christie loves my "easy bake oven" hahah. 
New years cookies!

So flooded. The whole city was like this

Got a lil chilly during weekly planning hahah

Our investigator and her baby the day baby got blessed! :)

We brought Nanay Eden Redula flowers. 
She's the best

And Julie Ann :)

Sorry. I had to.

I <3 the Rafer kids

I <3 my batch. Saw these lovely ladies last night at the area broadcast

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