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Jessica's Fifteenth Email! January 19th, 2014

Hello! It was such a wonderful week here in beautiful Tigaon! I really do love it here more and more every week. Although this place is wonderful, there are of course things I am not crazy about. Mostly just the animals. This week's horror stories are about rats and mice, my favorites! :)

SO on Monday night I believe, Sister Taylor and I were walking to an appointment down this dark street. I felt something under my shoe right as I heard the squeak. Not a good combo!!!! I kicked off my shoe and sprinted (as fast as you can go hopping on one leg) down the street screaming as we saw a huge rat run away. Not cool! Quite traumatic actually haha. Sister Taylor was laughing saying how all the bad stuff always happens to me. (Shall we reflect on the LIZARD falling on my foot?!) Haha But I pulled myself together and we continued on. Just had to remember what I had read in mom's emails earlier that day about how brave I have become. Haha not true but trying to live up to your expectations!

Well... later that night disaster struck again! The 4 of us sisters all got in bed, 10:27pm. After about 2 minutes of us laying there with the light off there was a very distinct squeak. NO!! Haha Sister Taylor said, "What was that?" Then I said, "What was that?" And lastly Sister Prakash said, "What was that?" Once we realized it wasn't any of us joking around we rapidly used our cell phone as a flashlight. It sounded like it was coming from under my bed so I quickly did some acrobatics and managed to get over to Sister P's bed without touching the ground. Sister Taylor managed to get the light on and sure enough, our little friend was under my bed. Probably trying to get to my bin of snacks from the motherland! Don't worry, sealed up real nice! So then Sister Ronquillo (The Filipina) managed to get it out of the room. We set some traps and woke up to 2 mice in them. We have caught a few more since then. We will win this fight! I hate them so much haha. So that was quite the exciting night.

Now before I walk into any room in our house I always stomp and clap and stuff to warn the mice and lizards to go away. Sister Taylor said I'm like the step mom in the parent trap when they are camping with the sticks haha. Better safe than sorry though!

So this week we had exchanges and zone conference! Exchanges were good. I worked here in Tigaon with one of the sister training leaders, Sister Horst. She went to BYU also! She was fun. I was leading the area that day which was cool. And we had two sisters, Ruth and Rebecca work with us. I love them! Their testimonies are amazing. Always such a strength to our lessons. Rebecca worked with Sister Taylor and I again later on in the week. So fun. I missed Sister Taylor during exchanges though and realized how much I need to enjoy these next few weeks! It was a good time though and I learned a lot from Sister Horst. Always good to see different perspectives on ways to teach and all of that.
The next day was zone conference so we just met back up in Goa. President and Sister Reeder and the Assistants were there. So fun when all the missionaries are together! SO powerful. The conference was good. We learned a lot and we are really going to try to focus on teaching more families! The Philippines needs more priesthood holders! Zone conference means Mail time!!!! Oh my. The best! I had a package from Hanna Watkins!! SO sweet of her! And Christmas cards from the Murphys, Circuits, Hachtmans, and one from Hunter's grandparents! Cutest families ever! Oh my. They are all hanging on my wall. I don't know how to say this except for 7th ward is legit haha. I love our ward! So fun to see all those cute kids everyday. Can't wait to see them all again one day! I also got some letters from missionaries! Madison, Megan, and Elder Rock! Oh my. I love reading about their stories. The work really is hastening. Almost all of my friends are on missions right now. Such an exciting time! Also at zone conference the Assistants gave me some awesome souvenirs that I had them get for me in another part of the mission. They are for the boyzzz of the fam. Get pumped haha.
This week we had the elders go with us to one of our less actives house for a blessing. It is kinda a trek over there but we made it fun haha. We were singing hymns cause it's in the middle of nowhere. Tried the EFY medley. Didn't really work haha. The priesthood is such an amazing thing. I am so grateful for all of the times that the priesthood has blessed my life!

This week we got a ward mission leader! We haven't had once since I got here. He just turned 21 last week. He will be great! Really dedicated to helping out the work! Callings here are so different haha. Wasn't Phil Wing the ward mission leader in our ward before he went to the single's ward bishopric? Who is it now? Do everything you can to help them out!!! :) They need the member's help!

We did 2 service projects this week! The first one Sister Taylor and I organized and our whole district came so there were 12 of us. It ended up being pretty legit! We went to the palanki, or like the public market down in centro, and we cleaned all the gutters which contain fish/meat parts, trash, and all sorts of awful stuff. Mostly Sister T and I did a way good job taking pictures and fetching tools for the elders hahaha. We tried to help but they are just too hardworking! Based on the fact that every person in centro was just staring at us, I think it's safe to say we raised community awareness of the missionaries! haha. It smelled so awful, but it's always fun to serve! The elders loved it because normally the service projects aren't really legit and planned out. And the guy we coordinated with gave us snacks at the end :)

The other service project was this morning! It was Sister Taylor and I and then 4 elders from our district. We went to one of their investigator's houses and planted a field of seeds. He said they are going to be some sort of vegetable I think. It was fun! We all rode out there on a tricie! It is a Motorcycle with an enclosed side cart thing and you just pile as many people on as you can. We had us plus the driver and one other guy. I looked at the motorcycle and it said Kawasaki CT100. From my knowledge of motorcycles (which isn't much) I really don't know how that thing can go like 30 MPH with all of us on it. Usually they sound like they are struggling big time. But still! I took some pictures to try and capture what they are like, but I don't think they do it justice. The driver has to like sit on the gas tank because 2 people sit sideways on the seat behind him. It's kinda sketch.

Last night we were at a lesson and they fed us the greatest merrienda after! My favorite like roll thing. I think it might be like a banana bread muffin or something. They also had royal (orange soda) and this sticky coconut rice stuff. We were loving it, then we got superrrr full haha. I finished and thought I was gonna throw up. Sister Taylor still had a little left of both. When the mom looked away she grabbed the rest of her roll thing and quickly set it on my plate. haha I was like ahhhh no haha. But she was so funny and sly about it that I couldn't stop laughing. Luckily the baby was making funny faces so the mom thought I was laughing at that! Haha. A few weeks ago a lady gave us like a mayo sandwich thing. Two pieces of bread just smothered with flavored mayo. I told Sister Taylor I couldn't do it and I would do area book if she would eat it haha. When the lady wasn't looking she grabbed mine and charged it like a champ. So at least when I covered for her it was delicious food! Haha the joys of our companionship, everything works out somehow!

K one last thing. The weather! It has been so nice! But I will be honest, there have been a few times when Sister T and I have gotten a little chilly. Karma for making fun of everyone last week I guess. I even borrowed her hoodie during weekly planning! We haven't used our fans in like 2 weeks. It's pretty weird. But anyway, a lot of people are getting sick. And here a fever is called a lugnut or something like that. People keep saying they have a lugnut and I get so confused because I'm pretty sure in America that is like a mechanical part or something?? Not really sure but it takes me a second to realize what they are saying! Oh Tagalog...

Okay I have a friend serving in Manila and last week he was emailing me about how the Philippines is like a dirty version of Disneyland. His description was SO funny and SO accurate. I don't know if you will get it but maybe someone who has been to the Philippines will read this and appreciate how funny it is. Here it goes:
They have Jeepney's and trikes which are like the rides, I was thinking like Indiana Jones.
They have a bunch of places where you can get food.
They have fireworks.
They have people in costumes (The students).
They have parades (Funerals).
Green Trees and weird animals.
The homeless people that sweep the street are the workers that clean up trash.
And there are a bunch of people you can't understand.

Haha alrighty fam. Sorry, kinda a long email :) I love you all so much!! Read your scriptures! Think of ways you can be a member missionary! Thanks for your love and support! Have a wonderful week! I love you all so much and miss you tons. But I love being a missionary and wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Have fun in Colorado!!!!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10:
1. Austin has had his permit for over 4 months now and my family is still alive! (Joking audz. How is the driving going though??)
2. Mail from some of my favorites this week!
4. When Christie signs her emails -LaKrust
5. Zone conference
6. Ward mission leader
7. Service projects
8. Our ONE investigator who came to church. At least there is always Jenavie :)
9. Best merienda yet
10. I live in a beautiful country

Members working with us. 
Ruth and Rebecca. LOVE THEM!

 Exchanges with Sister Horst

 MAIL!!!! I have the best friends!

 When the ATM only has 100's. HOLLAAAAA

 Christmas wall lookin good!

 They <3 stickers!


 I think they're like potatoes!

 Yepppp... actually got cold in the Philippines

 Our fave cake

 Thanks Kari!!!

 One of our many little friends

 This is what happens when people ask us to teach their kids. 
WHYY?! That boy under the blanket is supposed to be our investigator.

 This is how I feel about him

 And this is how Sister Taylor feels

 And then there is his younger brother.


 On our way to service. 8 people on 1 tricie.
 It's like a motorcycle with a little sidecar.

 Zone Leaders spot on the tricie

 My fanny pack. 
Yep I really wear this everyday. The life

 Plantin a fields of seeds

 The man whose field we planted

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  1. Hilarious! My favorite pictures are related to the boy under the blanket investigator. Still laughing! And the mice and rat stories are freaking me out a little. Yikes! The ride in the tricie proves there are no vehicle codes in Naga. Carry on.