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Jessica's Eighteenth Email! February 9th, 2014

Hello everybody! It has been a great week. Exceptttt... transfers are tomorrow. Trying to be excited to meet my new companion and stay optimistic! Haha. I am staying here in Tigaon and Sister Taylor is being transferred. We already pretty much knew that would happen though. She has been such a great companion! Excited to grow more though and the only way to do that is through trials, so bring it on!
This week was pretty mellow, not too much happened. We worked hard, we taught lots, and we had a good time doing it!

Anddd, I got packages from Sister Renfro and Sister Petree!!! Thank you both so much!!! Full of goodies and stickers and so much good stuff!! Terrie put in the cutest cards from the girls. I miss my kidddsssss!!!

This week as part of my training packet we watched The District during companionship study. I LOVE THE DISTRICT. Oh my!! Best reality TV show out there! It is so hilarious! Haha maybe it's just been too long since I watched a good episode of Modern Family or something (boys, you gotta keep a list of the good ones for me!). But The District is so hilarious. We always stop and rewind and re-watch parts just hysterically laughing. Love it. Like when Elder Moreno laughs at his own jokes. Too funny. Anyway, you all should watch it. Teaches a lot about how to play the role of a member missionary!! And even has some prime examples of how to blow it as a member missionary haha. Don't do that. But help however you can! Teach with the missionaries. It can be such a strength to a lesson.

Okay so quick story. The other day we went to teach one of our investigators. She's great and gave us some amazing cake as a snack. But anyway. Her grandma came struttin in. An 88 year old lady, so lively. She was funny. She started going on about how we are out there teaching the Hollywood... the what?? The Hollywood. Haha every sentence she said had some mention of this Hollywood. After a few more sentences I realized she was referring to the Holy Word. haha. She was a hoot. Started singing us some of her praise the Lord songs and stuff. She said she's so healthy from "prayers to the Lord almighty" and vegetables. So I guess that's the key.

Okay I know my emails to you are always SO all over the place. Sorry. I just always think of random things I want to tell you about. So my emails turn very random very fast. But anywayyyy, have I told you about how the buses here work? I don't think so. So you stand on the side of the highway, anywhere along the highway. No like bus stops or anything. And you do this wave thing with your hand and the bus stops... in the middle of the "highway" and you get on. It hardly comes to a complete stop though. Then to get off you just tap a coin or something on the roof or yell para and the bus stops... in the middle of the highway. The highway is one lane for each direction, but I don't think there are traffic laws here. SO when the bus stops... the cars, tricies, padyaks, other buses (or whatever type of vehicle it is), just goes into the other lane and passes them. It's so insane haha. I don't know how there aren't more accidents. Oh and our (Sister Taylor and Jessica's) favorite part is when the driver doesn't hear the coin or the word para and they keep driving. Everyone on the bus who heard it yells whoooopppssss. In the funniest voice and then the driver knows to stop. It's hard to explain. One day everyone should come to the Philippines and experience this culture... I love it.

I want to tell you about one of the most annoying things. Almost anytime we commit someone to read The Book of Mormon or pray they say "pag may time". It means like if I have time. That is so ridiculous. And what bothers me even more is that I was one of them before my mission. I always said I would read when I got the chance or had some extra time. That is so ridiculous for so many reasons! First of all, everyone has 5 minutes in a day to read a few verses of the most uplifting book on the planet. Take advantage of the message in The Book of Mormon. Read it! Cut 5 minutes off of Facebook time and do something that will have eternal consequences! Also ridiculous because we shouldn't wait to read The Book of Mormon until we find time. We need to MAKE time. It should be one of our top priorities in the day. It is so important to keep on doing the simple things everyday. I love what dad always said. "If you're not progressing you are digressing." So true. Those days we are just a little too tired to read, we are getting just a little bit further from Christ. Sorry for the rant. Just one of my pet peeves on the mission and I hope I always remember the importance of LIVING the gospel.

Well I love you all so much! I am doing great here in the Philippines! So happy. Having the time of my life. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day. Remember how much I love you all!! :)
Get out there and do your part in spreading this gospel!!! KSFA!!!(Kick Satan's Freaking A... Family Joke)
Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. A wonderful 2 transfers with Sister Taylor
2. Watching The District
3. So much good food on Thursday. People were hookin it up with the snacks.
4. Goodies from Sister Renfro and Terrie!
5. Rebelution is playing in the computer shop right now!!!!!
6. EMI is legit. Congrats on BYU Hawaii!!!
7. Fajita salad... stay tuned 2015
8. Got a few solid new investigators in our far area (45 minute walk each way up a volcano, but these people are so worth it. Really prime and ready to accept this gospel.)
9. Goin to the citayyyyy tomorrow
10. I AM IN THE RICHMOND FAMILY. Thanks for your love, support, prayers, and emails :)

 FHE at Jeanavie's

 Wacky wacky

 Nanay DelaCruz. Love her. 
A LA (less active) who we teach almost every week.
 This is her whole house. Bed and all. 
She is the greatest.


 Thinking of the audder pop when I saw this water buffalo.

 Just normal vehicles rollin around

 We gave this to Jeanrose for her birthday. 
Craft from Aunt Shellie!

 Really glad I decided to rock the scrunchie 
the day we took a lot of pictures...

 JeanRose's birthday

 Such a good "snack" at our investigator's house

 Sister Taylor enjoying our cake

 Quintana. We have been teaching her for a little bit now

Another little kids birthday!

 Eden- a mom in the ward

 Meeting with our Ward mission leader haha

 The night we found out the transfer was a done deal :(

 Sometimes we like to match :)

 Hair thing from Christie!
 (My mom actually bought these and she still thinks I (Christie) did. haha.)

 French Toast

 When I saw this picture I thought, oh terrible angle. 
Then I read your email mom about gaining weight.
I'm officially out of the denial stage.

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