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Jessica's Twentieth Email! February 23rd, 2014

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great week! I did here in Tigaon! And it kinda flew by. We had exchanges and interviews this week so those both made it go by pretty quickly! Exchanges were good! I worked here in Tigaon with one of our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Alibogha. She is a Filipina and way sweet. It was a fun day. Then interviews are always the best for a few reasons! We get to see President and Sister Reeder, we get a homemade chocolate chip cookie, and we get to combine with another district and see a lot of missionaries!

There are a few things I thought of this week about the Philippines that are way different than home. At first these things seemed so weird to me, but now they are just the usual haha. The first is eggs. Here you just buy eggs in a bag off the street. They aren't in a fridge or anything. At first I was scared to eat them haha but we just take them home, wash them, and put them in the fridge. Another is people driving around on a motorcycle, steering with one hand, holding a dead chicken by the throat with the other hand. I see that a few times a day. Another thing that is different in the Philippines is divorce, because it doesn't exist. You can't get divorced here, which is a big problem for a lot of our investigators who were married, left their spouse and now live with their new "spouse" who they aren't actually married to. I mean, I'm all about marriages working out, but sometimes they just don't. And these people are just in a trap. It's so crazy. I think someone said this is the only country without divorce. Also makes our investigators a little more hesitant to get married sometimes. Bread here is strictly a morning food haha. I always stop at the bread bakery in the afternoon for a roll and so people always ask what we eat in America. Then before I can answer they say, oh... you just eat bread for every meal huh?! Haha what! No! I think America has more variety than anywhere. SO ya, Filipinos think you are all sitting at home eating loafs of bread right now.

This week I was doing my Doctrine and Covenants reading and it mentioned a few of the places we went on that church history motor home trip. Haha such a funny vacation, and for sure one of my all time favorites. I am so blessed to have been in so many of these places where such important events in church history took place! Thank you mom and dad for that amazing trip. I will never forget it!
So last week we had a family home evening at a families house. We said okay, what do you want to sing for the opening hymn? And hello flashback!! Haha that FHE where Bub kept insisting we sing Like a G6. Everyone. Remember to do FHE! Even just a little one! Such a good strength in families! I love doing FHEs here. They love it!

I am reading the Liahona right now of last Octobers conference talks. So good! There were 2 things that really stood out to me. I hope you go back and read conference talks when you get the chance. We have modern day revelation from God... how lucky are we?!?!? So in President Boyd K. Packer's talk I love this part: "The gospel teaches us to be happy, to have faith rather than fear, to find hope and overcome despair, to leave darkness and turn toward the light of the everlasting gospel." So great! Love that! The gospel is the way to overcome EVERYTHING! Turn to the gospel and you will be blessed. So simple, so powerful. The other talk I liked a lot was Elder S. Gifford Nielson's "Hastening the Lord's Game Plan." I think I enjoyed it so much because I just pictured Brother Heap standing up in seminary, always with a great sports analogy haha. But sometimes that's just the most effective way! Love that I was a part of the 7th ward seminary "team!" Anyway. Read the talks. Even just once a week, go back and allow yourself to be uplifted and motivated. The best!

While I'm on a spiritual note, let me just tell you my favorite scripture! Well, one of them! Mosiah 2:41. We really are so much happier when we are following the commandments. I know for a fact that is true!

Alright, now a horrible story for you all. Haha. Just yesterday, Sister Simpson and I trekked up the volcano like we do every Sunday. When we got up there we decided to find this guy who she had talked to on the bus on our way home from transfers. We found him and got in and it was a little hot so his daughter rushed to the kitchen to make us a drink. But we didn't know. We thought she just left. So then she comes walking with this HUGE pitcher. They poured it and it looked a little more clear than the usual tang so I asked what it was and the dad said apple juice. SAFE! Score. So we both take a sit and right as I'm thinking, uhhh ohhh, this doesn't taste like apple juice, his daughter says Iced tea actually! NOOOO. haha So then we just awkwardly set them down and left them full until we were leaving and we explained. Haha we felt SO bad and it was SO awkward. And worst part, we drank tea! Haha don't worry. We repented :) Gotta be careful what you drink around here!

Mom, you should be happy to know that I have discovered Sister Simpson likes taking pictures, like a lot! Like 10 times more than I take pictures. So I think you will get plenty this transfer.

Also SHOUTOUT to the best dad ever!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPARUSKIZZLE!!! Hope you enjoy your big day!!! Enjoy that apple sauce spice cake with homemade chocolate frosting that I know you will be eating...

And have fun if you end up going on a trip this weekend! Don't worry I won't be jealous... Don't worry, I will try not to be jealous!

Have a wonderful week! Know that I love you all. I know that this church is true. God's kingdom on the earth, and it is our responsibility to build it! So get out there and do what you can to help the missionaries!! :) And most of all, be an example to everyone around you. Especially you two boys! Love and miss you all!
Love, Sister Richmond

I try to be positive, which means no bottom 10 for the week. But let me just tell you... if I had a bottom 10, number one would surely be that Tigaon has run out of jelly!!! I have checked every grocery store here! All 3 of them haha. How am I supposed to survive without PB&J?! Hopefully they get their shipment in soon! I will keep you posted ;)

Top 10
1. Interviews
2. The cookie every missionary gets at interviews
3. Exchanges
4. Uki Uki finds last p-day
5. Tons of lessons this week
6. Sis Simpsons face when we asked a potential investigator to say the closing prayer and she said. Okay, everyone stand. Awkward.
7. Had a few coolish days this week. Summer is fast approaching though
8. Discovered some boneless chicken at this little stand
9. Some real solid potential investigators
10. Tracting when we had an hour and nowhere to go. Always a nice laugh.

My companion thinks what I eat is funny

She took this to show her family

I would say it's not everyday you see a goat walking down the sidewalk... 
but it totally is

 My little friend


 Walkin around

Corn from Nanay Abay. So good!!!!

 Little Jarine. Love her

 The boy is 2 and the girl is 1 hahah

Late night padyak rides

Sis Simpson really excited about something I guess??

We were waiting to copy something so I tried these on and all the ladies 
in the shop were laughing and yelling Taylor Swift haha. 
Obvi they don't know what t swift looks like!

My fave padyak driver

The companion

 Trying to tract the big houses. 
Hard to yell Tao Po from the other side of the fence.
 Which is how you "knock" here.

 Long day

 Happy missionary :)

 Decided to try the biggest house in Tigaon

 Saturday Nightttt

 My companions dinner from a street vendor. 
I don't even want to know.

 Arts and Crafts time.

 Thought you might enjoy this horribly awkward picture we had to take for our visa.

And then Brother Gerald hopped in...

 And then Brother Gerald hopped in...

 Love the walk up the Volcano!

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