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Jessica's Twenty Second Email! March 9th, 2014

I hate to be a downer, but last night was maybe the worst night of my life haha. Not sure if it was something I ate, or just a flu type thing, but I was up literally the whole night throwing up haha. It was miserable. And all 4 of us sisters sleep in 1 room and I felt badly cause I kept getting up, so eventually I just laid on the kitchen floor curled up in a ball. It was actually nicer that way because the floor was nice and cool haha. Either way, among the most pathetic nights of my life. And yes, I was crying for my mommy part of the night. Haha you know when you just feel so sick, and you can't sleep so you're just an emotional wreck. Ya... well that. haha It was pathetic, but sometimes you just miss having your mom there to hold your hair and scratch your back! The good news is that I have an amazing companion, who called our amazing zone leaders, who came and gave me an amazing blessing! Now they are some great priesthood holders! Even sacrificed a few precious p-day moments! Haha when they got to our house we had the front door open and I was laying on the cool tile in the front room. Hair on top of my head. Pajamas. They saw me and one said, "Are you sure you can leave the house to email?!" Haha he had a great point. Almost didn't make it to the computer shop. Butttt here I am! Gotta let my family know about the amazing week we had in Tigaon!

First of all, I read a great talk this week. "Personal Strength Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ," by elder Richard G. Scott. So good. Loved this quote: "Fill your life with service to others. As you lose your life in the service of Father in Heaven's children, Satan's temptations lose power in your life." How great do we feel when we serve! Satan will have no power if we are feeling that wonderful spirit of service! So true I love it!

Okay so speaking of service, we received the greatest service of all this week! We were starting our hike up to our farthest area. We had hardly even started up the hill when the police car asked if we wanted a ride! There were like 4 or 5 policeman but there is a separate back part, like a jeepnie... so we went back there and they took us all the way to the top! So nice! And all they wanted in return was a picture with us! Perks of being a foreigner I guess!

We also had a dinner appointment this week! Like scheduled and all! With one of our investigator families. Now that is a great way to serve! I love the video you sent me of the missionaries at our house right now for dinner! Keep doing what your doing! So this family made us pork adobo. It was sooooo delicious. Oh man! Mom... you should start learning to make it so it is perfected in 2015! ;)

We did some tracting this week. Just for like an hour. Always so entertaining. We always go over by the church so it's people who can easily get to church. Then we make up a name and walk around asking if they know where that person lives. There aren't addresses here so it doesn't seed odd because that really is how you have to find people's houses. And bam! Then you can just start up a nice little conversation. Always fun and equally awkward to try a little tracting.

Yesterday at church there were 0 investigators at church. In the whole ward. Three sets of missionaries. SO disappointing, like a dagger to the heart actually. But it's okay! We will just work harder this week!!!

We found a great potential this week! So golden! Her husband is a less active and they have 6 kids. She used to be taught by missionaries when they lived in Manila but then she stopped. Well she was the referral from that lady at church I told you about last week. She is so ready!!!! She kept saying how she feels like this is the right time now to learn about the gospel and hopefully join this beautiful church! Perfect!!!!! During her closing prayer she was saying how she was so happy we came to her house and saying how she hopes we come back and stuff like that. I was SO happy after that. Couldn't wipe the smile from my face! I don't think you even could've ripped it off! It was a wonderful feeling! Better than when I opened my iPhone! Can't even explain it! Pure Bliss.

Okay just wanna give you a glimpse of what it's like to be a white person living in the Philippines. About 5 times this week we were walking along and there was just a huge group of like 20 people staring in our direction. So we were like, shoot was there an accident or something! I wonder what they're staring at! Then we get closer, ask someone what happened and realize... oh wait. They are just starting at US! Causes for a few panic moments haha.

Two stories that hopefully portray to you how hilarious Sister Simpson is:
Last night the other two sisters were frying dried fish. It is the most horrible smell! I'm used to it though because Sister Ronquillo, the Filipina in the house, has been making it for the last 4 months. Well Sister Simpson smelled it and yelled to the other sisters, "Hey! I think that fish is bad!" haha I was like shhh, no no, they like that. That's just the way it smells. She wasn't havin it. She walked out in the kitchen and for like 10 minutes just kept trying to convince them that their fish had gone bad hahah. It was great.

Then last night. Hardest I have laughed in a long time. We went to one of our farther areas and our appointments took longer than expected so it ended up being pitch black by the time we started back. A few people have told us creepy stories about things that have happened in Tigaon, so we were both already a little on edge. And the walk is pitch black, no houses or lights for like half a mile and just forest and rice fields on the side of the road. So right when we get to the middle of the forest part, this motorcycle comes from behind us and pulls right in front of us and turns off his bike so we kinda stopped walking. Then he said "Sumakay Kayo?" Which means like, do you want a ride. Welll... Sister Simpson thought he had said "Mamatay Kayo" which means like you're gonna die kinda thing. Sister Simpson grabbed my arm SO hard haha. And turned around and almost started running back to the members house we came from but I was like no no! He just asked if we want a ride. She was so confused and scared and it was SO funny. Laughed the whole way back to town.

We are focusing on finding right now! Have a few really progressing investigators! We will see where those lead, hopefully to the path of baptism and eternal life!!!! Okay sorry, still feeling sick, thoughts aren't all there. Hopefully some of this makes sense to you. I love you all!!!! Have such a good week! And remember to SERVE!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Got Jam last P-day in Goa!!! Got 3 jars just in case!
2. Police ride to Tinawagan
3. Dinner at our investigator's house
4. When the Lord places the prepared right in your path!
5. Zone training
6. When we are home studying and hear the ding ding ding of the ice cream cart man's bell!
7. Mamatay Kayo
8. Priesthood Blessings
9. Mom's calling as a ward missionary! And dad back to scouts haha :)
10. Extra time to go home and sleep right now!

Jessica said the captions stopped working halfwalf through so I will
 update those next week if her internet is better and she has time. 

 Converted another companion to the crazy leggings crew :)

 I'm not kidding you about these tan lines

 How they paint the street lines here. 
Good ol' bucket and paintbrush.

 My companion always taking pictures haha

 Our friends who gave us a ride up the mountain! 
Saved us like 45 minutes of walking!

 Stickers still a hit!

 Dinner Appointment!

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