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Jessica's Twenty Sixth Email! April 6th, 2014

Hey everyone! It was a good week!!! This morning however, I reached for my shampoo in the shower and hit my razor. Gashed my finger haha. Then a few minutes later... got electrocuted... AGAIN!!! So kinda hard to type with one finger bandaged up and the other still throbbing from the shock. But here we goooo.

Super good week. On Tuesday we had a dinner appointment over at Chris's. It was so good! His wife Eden made such a bomb meal! It was way fun. They invited the other 2 sisters also and we just had a grand time. I've said it before and I will say it again,. I love that family SO much!

Most of my stories from the week have to do with Sister Simpson because she is just hilarious. First, it's late and we are riding on a padyak, right? SO a bug flies in her eye and she starts freaking out hahah. Straight tripping. SO I'm trying to get it out. Ended up having to literally touch her eyeball and get it out. You get real close to your comps on a mission :) So then after she just kept saying how horrible that was and all this stuff. Hahah Best line of the night "Ahhhh! That horrible insect!" And then she wouldn't face the front the whole rest of the ride. She also says everything is shameful and it's so funny. If we are running late somewhere she just keeps saying, "This is so shameful!" She waved at a former investigator and she just looked the other way. She was so embarrassed and kept saying how shameful it was haha I laugh every time.

She has also concluded that people here are just straight up racist. Kinda true. First scenario (happens about 20 times a day) people see us and yell Woowwwww so beautiful. Or hello baby. I love you! Or random weird stuff all day. She said that never happened when her companion was a Filipino so it must be the American thing. So sometimes they are talking just to me cause they say American or foreigner or something like that. I usually just smile or look away to avoid the awkwardness, but Sister Simpson always yells back. WOW! Salamat! (thank you) Hahaha I just can't control myself and I laugh every time. Then she looks at me and says Ohhhh, I think they were talking to you... racist. She loves doing that to see their reactions when she answers them. Hahha k this next one was hilarious. We stopped by an investigator's house and she was gone so we just chatted with her husband for a second. When we went to leave, she stuck her hand out and he shook it. Then I reached mine out and he said ayy sorry. Dirty! Like he didn't want to get my hand dirty, but it was fine when he shook her hand. It was pretty funny.

Another thing we like to do ever since someone told us about a murder in Tigaon is tell each other when we see a potential killer haha. So sometimes we will be like mid sentence and walk past a creeper and one of us just yells out, "potential!" haha. Happens far too often around these parts. Andddd one of my all time favorite things we do is when we hide from each other hahah. We will be walking, works best in busy centro, and one of us just pops behind a booth or stand or something. Then the other one notices and just looks around like an idiot walking in circles. I did it to Sister Simpson the other day and she looked so funny hahah. Mouth dropped, hands on her hips and all. I was hiding between a rack of shoes just dying laughing to myself. Don't worry, I jumped out before she left my sight or sound ;) Gotta stay entertained somehow right?!

Alright, HOW WAS CONFERENCE?!?!?! I'm jealous you already saw it! It is broadcast a week later here so we will watch it this coming Saturday and Sunday! Can't wait. I think I will appreciate it a lot more now. If someone asked me what I remember most about last conference, I gotta admit it was the fly harassing that speaker his whole talk. He handled it like a champ though. So now I am excited to watch, like REALLY watch conference. AND! In English :) I love English haha. We got to watch the Women's Conference Meeting on Saturday and that was awesome. We have such remarkable people leading this church! Truly inspired.

So this week, one not-so-funny thing happened. We went to our appointment with this investigator, older lady. Maybe 70's. And her son told us she had died 3 days earlier. What?! So sad. We went over and talked with her husband a bit. Really hoping to continue teaching him! He NEEDS the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation right now. We are lucky to have all that we know. You never know when your time here on earth will end. Gotta be ready everyday to return to live with God!
And another not-so-cool thing of the week. We went over to a less active's house. They were gone but their neighbor who we had met invited us in. We sat down with him and his wife. Seemed great. Turned to Bible bashing real quick! They were flippin scriptures all over the place. I explained that we were there to teach the restoration, not bible bash, so if they wanted to hear our message we would love to share it. He said, "Oh yes of course, please teach!" Within 60 seconds he was back to his bashing. So hard to get out of there but we finally did. We were both pretty bummed leaving his house. I don't think I will ever understand the joy some people find in trying to ruin 2 young girl's faith, but I guess that's what agency is all about. I'm just thankful the gospel is so simple. This stuff he was saying was just so confusing and contradicting. I am thankful for the restored gospel and living prophets to help us understand it even better!

You may or may not have noticed that I have been gone for 6 months this Wednesday. CRAZY. Still can't believe it. Still have so much to learn and do and only a year to accomplish it all ahhhhhh panic. I am so happy I am a missionary though. Wouldn't trade this for anything. I'm gonna make this next year the best yet. So I figure 6 months out is about when the bedroom turns to the craft closet and all of that. Just don't do it! :) Also a few questions about home. (Promise I'm focused! Just curious.) Dad, how's the Jeep?! Not trying to chip your munk or anything. Just seeing if you've been working on that! When does summer start for BYU and for the boys? When does The Don graduate? Okay that's all I want to know! Oh mom! The front room looks great! Dad sent me a picture!

Okay well that's all I got for you (haha what a joke. sorry. so long!) I hope that you all had such a great week and an awesome experience watching conference. I know that God is there to help us. Emi sent me an awesome experience with the Spirit as a guide. I know that He really does guide us. We just need to ask for that direction every day as we pray and build our relationship with God. I have never felt the influence of the Holy Ghost so much in my life as I do now. He is real. I am grateful to all of you and your love and support. I love you! Keep in everything you have going on in your busy lives!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. General Women's Meeting
2. McKayla Horne's mission call to California!
3. Casey's mission stories (keep em comin! :) And anyone else who has mission stories! Love to hear them!
4. Dinner at Chris and Eden's
5. Daniel's email!!!!!!! Great mission stories and advice. Glad I have a cool brother-in-law. Thanks Chris
6. 5:30am Zumba class
7. Had a dream and in it I was talking to mom and dad and we were all speaking Tagalog hahah. Mom you should learn Tagalog cause that was hilarious to see you speaking it!
8. Grocery store had wheat bread
9. Christie's dear elder. Member missionary! Love it! Keep it up.
10. Hiding from Sister Simpson in Centro.

 Sister Simpson almost knocked the fridge over haha

 FEAST at Chris and Eden's house

So gonna learn to make this. Bell peppers, cheese, breadcrumbs, fried. DELICIOUS.

Dinner appointment at Chris and Eden's with the other 2 sisters



 Long day

 Found a lovely little park along our walk

 Anddd some paparazzi. Three people this day asked for a picture. 
I will never understand.

She really does this.....

 When is it considered an addiction???

 5:30 am Zumbaaa

 Playing this dare game waiting for class to start.
Had to sit on a random's padyak for 2 minutes.

 Zumba time

Gotta get a jumpin pic in!

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