Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jessica's Thirty Eighth Email! June 29th, 2014

Hello everybody. Trying not to think about the fact that everyone is heading up to the cabin this week! Just enjoy it for me! :) I guess I will just start with Monday night: apartment shopping. Started out so pumped! YES! We are getting out of our apartment! The best! So the 4 of us sisters go out. We ask EVERYONE and take a little tour of like maybe 4 apartments. We spent over 2 hours just walking and asking. Honestly more discouraging than tracting! There just aren't apartments available here! Found one. Beautiful. Like the village of camaligan. Buttt, there were no vacancies :(Haha. So we were feeling ok about one or two of the other ones, but they for sure weren't any nicer than where we are now. Got home and the second we walked through the door, it just felt like home. Weird how once you get it in your mind that somewhere is your home, that's just how it is. If I saw my apartment one year ago, I think I would have nightmares. Now I can't even stand the thought of leaving. So we texted elder savage (the one I BEGGED to get us out of there, the finance elder in the mission) and asked if we could stay. Haha so as of now, that's the plan, home sweet home. 
Tuesday was... horrible if I'll be honest. Maybe the saddest day of my mission. Remember that really great girl I told you just transferred in. The white one in my batch. Yaaaa. They got a call from the Assistants on Tuesday morning and said Sister Campbell was getting emergency transferred and they would pick her up at 3. NOOOO. Devastated. Everything was going so perfect and then that.  So I guess the other sisters had to have an ET for some reason. SO when President Reeder receives revelation on whom they will switch with, I guess we can't really right that. So I helped her pack. We were all way bummed. To cheer her up I even gave her a Nature Valley Almond sweet and salty bar cause I knew those were her fave. It took a lot for me to do it, but she needed it! Haha so mom, if you're ever sending anything this way, you can't go wrong with a pack of those ;) 
So anyway. The new sister is Sister Petelo I think? Can't remember if that's her name. She is from Samoa though. So she is companions now with sister Sekona, the Tongan. Back to being the only white person in camaligan, but I guess I just better get used to it for the next little while. 
K before I forget, is Jesse home from his mission?! Feel like it's been about 2 years now! Let me know. That would be fun if he's up at the cabin. And of course, happy birthday Brette! Hope it's wonderful. Are all the cousins going up to the cabin for the 4th?! Send pictures! :) Not too many... can't get trunky. 
This week I got some mail! The Hansen family all wrote me letters complete with a drawing from Piper! Thank you so much! Loved hearing from you all! :) 
Hahahah wait I have to tell you this. But mom, maybe skip this paragraph. A while ago mom wrote me saying "the transportation there terrifies me. Please avoid those scary jeep things no matter what!" Well, no choice, we go on jeepnies all the time! And my new favorite thing is to sit up on the bench with the driver. Way less crammed and I can see the road so I don't get as carsick! Well it's always just a lovely chat and I have gotten to be real good friends with some of the drivers. Know all about their families and everything. Well they always have a jug up in between us on the ground. Just like a water jug. Well, like clear plastic water bottle. Really big though. And I always wondered why they always have this filthy water with them. Well today I was up in the front and we pulled into a gas station. The gas attendant started filling up the water bottle and I was like ahhh that makes sense. Back up gas. Kinda sketch it's just in plastic but oh well. NOPE! Then I see the tubes that are just stuck in the bottle and that is actually the GAS TANK!!!! Sooooo sketch. The tubes aren't even like securely in there. Just plopped in. And the guy didn't even put the cap all the way back on. Sometimes I just am so confident that God is protecting his missionary’s hahaha.
Well it was a hard week. With the emergency transfer and some other stuff it was a week of DRAMA. Probably my least favorite thing. But I learned to focus on helping others instead of getting annoyed with bipolar tendencies and dramatic meltdowns. To say the least, I am glad it's a new week. But I am also glad that I had to go through last week. I learned the importance of serving others and praying for the strength to do it with a smile. God answers prayers, duh. I know He cares. 
This week I decided that I needed to write out all of my friends on missions who I want to pray for daily. I always try to pray for them by name, but I know I forget loads every night! So I write them out. Every time I think about how many friends out I just get chills, and seeing it all out like that. Incredible. We are here to bring the world his truth! How cool is that?! I am so grateful to be a part of this great work while the work is HASTENING. The scriptures are being fulfilled and NOW is the time to share this truth. Not just as a full time missionary. But all members of this church. Show God that you are grateful for your membership in this church by putting in the effort to help others come unto Him. There is just the best Mormon Message that you all need to watch! This family is my idol FAM, so get ready Richmonds; this will be us in a year! Talk to EVERYONE and take advantage of EVERY opportunity to share the gospel! 
Watch it! So serious! 
Well enjoy the cabin! And dad, enjoy scout camp hahaha. Thank you for your example of just answering the call and going with the flow. I love you all! Be safe and do more to help in this work that you did last week! You are in my prayers. Especially you Christie! Haha you know how I am, laughed at you getting stung. But really hope it recovers well and you get back to the next adventure! 
Love, Sister Richmond
1. Alma 54. So much sass. Love it 
2. A random creepy man gave me a Twix bar. I know you're not supposed to take candy from strangers, but it was chocolate from American. Don't worry mom! Did a thorough Halloween candy check. 
3. We were watching PMG videos and sister Ril was laughing at the dinner scene because they were using a fork and knife to eat diner. 
4. Got to see President and Sister Reeder this morning! 
5. Emi's emails the last 2 hours have made me laugh more than anything
6. Great FHE at a member’s house and one of our fewer actives came
7. My clothes finally dried after like 5 days. Rainy season
8. The 6 of us missionaries did a member missionary meeting during the 5th Sunday meeting yesterday, went great 
9. Got punted a lot... the whole week. But that means we walked a lot. Exercise! 
10. Last week is over! The worst hahaha

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