Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jessica's Thirty Fourth Email! June 1st, 2014

Hello hello hello! WOWWWW. Such a good week! AND!!! happy June :) How?! I still don't understand. But anyway. Hope you all had a week as great as mine :) 
So packed. so busy, just the way I like it! It all began on tuesday night haha. Sooo. We had our mission tour coming up on Thursday with President Nielson! He's the area president here in the Philippines. (I'll get to that in a minute... best day ever) So yes. Tuesday night I am casually brushing my teeth and sister ril starts laughing while reading a text. I asked who it was and she said it was the program for the Mission tour.. and I was giving the prayer. I thought she was kidding because it was half the mission, so why me of all people. I am so terrified of praying in meetings. So I looked at the phone. Not kidding! Sister Richmond. No mistakin it haha. Checked the mission directory just to see if there was another sister richmond. Wala. So I am stressing and then she says.. it's ok. You can do it in english! That's even worse!!! I haven't said a prayer in english in 7 months!!! Ahh so then I really got scared because I totally forgot the language of prayer! Don't worry. Prayed in english that night. Took me 30 minutes to get through the prayer without throwing in a tagalog work, but I did it until I got it right haha. Sooo anywayyy.. the next day was exchanges!
So sister ril went to the stl's area and I worked here in Camaligan with sister barlow, the stl here. She is GREAT! She is from salt lake and just so nice and happy and encouraging. We had a great time together and I learned a lot from her. We got 13 referrals that days! She knows how to ask for referrals haha. 
Oh! Back to tuesday! They said that President Neilson would be doing random apartment checks on thursday. We were pretty sure we wouldn't be picked because there are apartments a lot colser to centro. Buttt the motivation of the possibility of an general authority seeing our apt in it's condition rallied the troops and I actually had help cleaning this time. K not all the troops, just Sister ril. But it was a great night of cleaning. Blasting efy music and all. I was in the kitchen and there were spider webs galore! With spiders in them! Like living spiders! I have never been sp scared in my life. Buttt, the kitchen is spider free :) I had to drop the brrom and run to grab the poison spray a few times, but I did it! Even without the don and audz there to save the day. At one point I just realized, I guess I'm not just growing spiritually on the mission! I am getting over real fears I have had since forever. It was neat to realize haha. 
Ok! So mission tour! The best day EVER!!! Like literally of my whole mission! It was GREAT! So much to learn and improve and wow. The counsel is good enough when we have conferences with president and sister reeder but then throw a general authority and his wife in the mix and BAM. Spiritual overload. And I got to see so many of my friends on the mission. SO happy to see all of them! You know you're not as fresh anymore when you start recognizing most of the people at mission events. K so sister Nielson. HILARIOUS. I was just dying laughing like anytime she talked. At one point she started talking about her family and mentioned one of her daughters who when the fam gets together tells these forever long stories and all the sons just look like they "want to shoot themselves in the face". I really lost it then haha. I guess every family has gotta have one! No! I'm kidding. I'm kidding. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to some good christie stories when I get home! ;) K so yes! WOnderful day. Learned tons. Hah they actually talked lots on marriage and stuff which was funny. BBut that is a huge problem in the church! Ysa members staying in the singles ward, They really emphisized getting married soon after the mission! Also heard lots on enduring to the end! ANd ahh I could go on an on. I took like 20 pages of notes. Never want to forget the awesome council they gave!
K super out of time but the rest of the week was good too! We had a branch one day mission! Only youth showed, but that's kinda how it goes in this country. It was a wonderful week to be a missionary. I learned lots, taught lots, and loved lots. I love you all so much! Happy Birthday to Lindsey T. and Megan Bertha this week!!! I'm loosing another friend to the 20's haha. Megs is so funny about getting old. Anyway. Have a super week. Know that I love you and I am praying for you all! OH!!!! K I alos got great mail this week! A perfect package from sister brazier full of trader joes goodies! I will never aet regular oreos again! Those vanilla bean jo jos... too good! Taryn also sent me the sweetest package with a cute shirt, nail polish, and SCRAPBOOKING PAPER! I have been missin my craft supplies so it was just what I needed. Great letters from emi, molly, sister bertha, and mission friends too! Ahhhh The best! Thank you all so much. K really like gotta go. I love you! 
Love sister richmond
Top 10
2. A clean house is a happy house
3. Water here isnt as arctic as tigaon. Makes bucket showers kinda refreshing and not painful! The one plus Ive found at the new house
4. New investigator named elena. Brings me back to watching vampire diaries with the don
5. conquering biggest fears one horrific experience at a time
6. read in the new testament when john says he outran peter and thought of dad laughing about that one
7. exchanges with sister barlow
8. one day mission
9. MAIL!
10. prayed for a jeepnie this morning and 3 pulled around the corner! usually have to wait like 40 minutes! blessings :) 

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