Monday, May 26, 2014

Jessica's Thirty Third Email! May 25th, 2014

Hello everybody!!! How is it already Monday?!?!? My mind is tripping. This week literally flew. But every week kind of does. Ok so it was a great week for sure. We were so blessed to have so many referrals and people to teach and ahhh. We worked SO HARD. We taught 29 lessons and reached like all of the standards of excellence for the mission. It feels good! So I'll just tell you about our 2 investigators with baptismal dates right now. Both girls, one maybe 20 and the other like 40's?? They are both eternal investigators (have been taught by missionaries for a long time now) but! We are going to break that cycle and get them in the waters of baptism! They both are still on track to meet their dates right now so that is a big blessing. We had a cottage meeting at a member’s house and the 20 year old came! And she was at church yesterday. :) Oh before I forget! Madison is turning 20 this week!!!! Ahhh so exciting/scary/weird. All my friends are leaving the teen years. It's super weird. Anyway. Hope you read her emails from Brazil! She is killing it! I LOVE having my best friend/cousin serving at the same time as me! Ahhh miss her. We went to McDonalds after district meeting the other day and I was loving it of course. But wow. Such a better time at 2am with Mads and Mary hahah. One day!! 
So this week something really sad happened while we were tracting. I saw this lady and I felt like we should talk to her, but we were like already passed and I thought it would be awk to turn around so I didn't say anything. Later that day we were walking down the same street and she called after us and said she had some questions! Ahhh. I was pretty bummed that I ignored the prompting. But! I learned my lesson and from now on I will try so hard to follow the sprit in finding, it really makes all the difference! 
Butttt, later that night! Miracle! We were trying to contact one of our referrals and so I called out to a house to we could ask if they knew the person. They didn't. But they invited us in! Asked us a bunch of questions and said they were looking for a church! WE FOUND A FAMILY! Mom, dad, and kid. Complete. Blessing. Can't wait to start teaching them. They are ready, I feel it :) Hopefully we can get them progressing!
So this is a random email to begin with so just stay with me while I tell you about a bunch of random stuff.
First of all! I am learning to cook all sorts of different foods! The sister from Pakistan taught me how to make this most delicious curry spicy rice thing. YUM! Also working on some Filipina dishes! Hope we still have our rice cooker, because everything I'm learning has rice of course haha.
One of the sisters in our apt always leaves the fridge open when she cooks though!!! Ahh so annoying haha. I was sitting there just thinking, does she know we have to pay for that electricity and she is just wasting it?! Brought me right back to all the times dad so lovingly tried to explain that we don't have to leave the fridge open while we aren't getting stuff out. haha sorry dad! Lesson learned. I will be better! 
This week someone told me that their old comp bought a washing machine! haha it's like 100 American dollars, but he's a Filipino, so super expensive here! But he has the AP’s drive it to him after he gets transferred. So epic haha. And I thought the sisters were high maintenance...
One day this week we went to go teach out investigator. She's not progressing. But we got there and her drunken husband started yelling at us and she was so scared and signaled for us to leave. I felt so bad for her and just realized how grateful I am for the word of wisdom. It is NOT restrictive! Restrictive is when you are scared of your drunken husband and too scared to stand up for yourself. I am happy that we have prophets who receive revelation to BLESS our lives, not restrict it! 
Hey hey hey! Guess who's back to dealing with rats! Haha so horrible. We've only seen 1 in the apartment, but it's not like our little mice friends in Tigaon. This was one pretty decent sized. 
Hahah!!The other night we were walking home from BCM with the elders and all these guys started yelling stuff to me in English. One of the Filipino elders just shook his head and said "sorry about my race" haha idk why it made me laugh so hard. Maybe it was his accent when he said it. 
Want to hear something HORRIBEL! I found these noodles that I like. They're kind of like top ramen. I only like this one brand though cause most of the noodles here are like shrimp flavor and stuff. So I had just finished a bowl of it and Sister Ril told me that brand had green tea extract in it. SO make that 2 times I have accidently had tea on the mission. What is that?! Who puts tea in noodles?! Ahhh. Got to be better at reading labels here I guess. 
We have this one investigator who won't pray! What the... It makes me so sad. Prayer is literally the way we talk to our Heavenly Father! I think of when I was home and dad would always come in and ask me about my dad and give me advice and just be so interested in my life! That is how God feels too! He wants to her from us and has given us the blessing of prayer to be able to! We are so lucky. I have really learned the importance of sincere prayer here. 
I told you this would be scattered right?! Ok so yesterday! DISASTER!!! You know how my biggest fear in life is lightning and thunder! There was such a bad storm! And we were in Branch Correlation Meeting and it struck so LOUD and BRIGHT and at the same exact time and the power shut off and I was so terrified. I may have accidently yelled oh freak! It's ok because they felt bad for me but yes. Terrifying! Still scared for typhoon season: / Going to increase my faith I guess haha.
Also yesterday! God answered my prayers! Saturday I prayed that I could control my appetite so I could stop getting fat. Well! Yesterday I woke up very ill! Was pretty sick all day. Lost my skills of throwing up so I just had to deal with it the whole day. But I've hardly been able to eat anything since then! I know that God answers prayers, in His own ways :) 
Well, not sure if any of this made sense. Jus know I had a BOMB week here on the mission. I am happy and doing well. We are working hard and being rewarded for it. I love you all tons and I am praying that you have a wonderful week! :) 
Love, Sister Richmond
Top 10
1. In the 20's of Alma!!!! So awesome. Anti Nephi Lehi's are pretty legit. Died before they broke their covenant with God. I want my faith to be that strong!
2. I am still cleaning er' day and I'll be honest; I'm getting pretty good at it! Think I could even have a career in it. 
3. Watched Emma Smith movie during lunch this week. Best love story! I think it's got the notebook matched! 
4. Broke out one of my new toothbrushes! Best feeling. 
5. Scenic waterfall in our kitchen when it rains. Did you all see the pic of the cracked plastic roof?!
6. Taught a few branch members my fave motto (It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission) and yes... it was used in branch council meeting yesterday! 
7. Survived the storm yesterday
8. We have investigators who are progressing!
9. This morning I taught the youth and YSA at the church how to play the card game spoons. It was a good time

10. Internet here is so speedy

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