Monday, May 5, 2014

Jessica's Thirtieth Email! May 4th, 2014


Peace out Tigaon! I can't believe I am actually leaving! SO crazy! We got the text Saturday night when we were walking home from a dinner appointment. A lot scarier to open than I thought it would be, hahah. But it was good. It's time to move on to new adventures!!! Man I really will miss Tigaon tons though. It's been so sad the last few days saying bye to everyone. I can't wait to come back next year and see them all again!
Other than that I literally have almost nothing to tell you haha. Yesterday during sacrament meeting they had me and sister Ronquillo bare our testimonies since we are both leaving. Then a few minutes later Jeanavie got up. I was so happy. I just sat there thinking, "This is what it's all about". It was such a good experience just looking up and listening to her strong testimony of this beautiful gospel. I know her life has improved, and will continue to improve so much because of all that this church teaches us. I am happy to think about all the less actives who have started coming back to church and all of the progress this town has made in the last while. 
6 months is a long time to be in an area, seeing the same people on the streets everyday and getting so close to the members. Ahh tomorrow will be tough. But I am so anxious to see where I go and who my companion will be. 
The last few days have been crazy haha. Packing, saying goodbyes, just getting ready and all that. I'm almost packed and still can't believe all my stuff fit in my two suitcases... k let's be honest. It didn't haha. But With my 2 suitcases, big tub, extra shoulder bag, and bag of bedding... I think we will make it! Hahah weird fitting your whole life into such a little space. Missionaries with cars are so fortunate. It will be an interesting morning tomorrow getting that all on a padyak... then a bus... and lastly a tricie. 
Ok well I wasn't kidding about a short email. Haha I love you all. Know that I am so happy to be a missionary. I am so happy for the personal growth I have seen in the last few months. And I am grateful for all of the amazing people I have met here. Oh ya... and I cannot wait to skype you on Monday!!!! Ahhhh one week till I see your beautiful faces! Love you all. Pray for the #citylyfe. 
Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1- On to new adventures! 
2- Playing sweet n sour on the padyak with sister Simpson
3- Christie and Daniel are in the Philippines! And I am getting play by plays of their trip from members in the ward who are FB friends with them. 
4- Easter candy from brother Wilcox from America! 
5- Bought a wonderful backscratcher... not the same as having mom around. But it'll do for now
6- Read in Lindsey's email last week that she has gained a lot of weight... HOLLA! Not alone
7- Our Dl threw a surprise going away party this morning for me, sister Ronquillo, and elder Villamor! 
8- Brandon emailed me. What the famous little potter 
9- Sister Simpson helping me pack
10- Tigaon 1st ward!!! Gonna miss them :( 

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