Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jessica's Thirty First Email! May 11th, 2014

WHAT A WEEK! First off, it was SOO GOOD to talk to you this morning! Ahhh and I was so pumped that Emi was over! Ahhh I just love you all so much. Hope you know that! Also! Happy birthday Casey!!!! Hope you are having a great birthday in Mexico, Lucky! Love the updates on Christie and Daniel's Filipino adventure. Cracks me up to hear about it all from your point of view! Sorry the Mother's Day card and Casey's bday card aren't there yet. I really think it was over a month ago that I sent them... so hopefully just snail mail at it's finest and not lost somewhere! Oh! And sorry the call ended right when I was saying bye to you all. Maybe it was the connection? Not sure... but just know I wasn't trying to rush you off the phone or anything! 
Okay so this week! Monday was so busy. Packing and everything. Then we went to Chris and Eden's for dinner and she taught me how to make these delicious things she made once for us. Can't wait to cook ya up some of my new dishes when I get home! ;) I think you will especially love this one. Bell pepper, hot dog, ham and cheese wrapped in bread and bread crumbs and deep fried! YUM! Pretty sure you were right about my taste buds changing out here haha. So then Tuesday morning they had us over AGAIN for breakfast! All 4 sisters. I seriously love that family so much and miss them tons already. Anyway, had a wonderful meal over there then ran home to get all our luggage. (Me and one sister in the other companionship got transferred) So finally got out to the highway and were waiting for a bus when WHAT THE BIYAYA... an air con (AC) shuttle van came rollin up. Like hardly more expensive than a bus, and half the time. So we loaded up and headed to pick up the zone leaders cause one of them was leaving Tigaon too. It was so fun. The shuttle driver had some great music and we were all just so giddy and nervous and ahhh. Wonderful little roadtrip to spend out last little while together. So then we all wanted to stop in Pili at the milk place and they made me ask the shuttle driver because I'm the American and had the best chance of him saying yes haha. Well... it worked! Strawberry milk! Yes! So then we headed for the mission office. Dropped off our stuff. Got a great letter from Mary and sister Taylor! And my friend Elder Rock in Manila hooked it up with some American snacks. They really do have it all in America! Then we went to SM! The big mall, the only one in the mission. It was great. Ate some PIZZA! The best pizza place with this BBQ chicken PESTO pizza that was just to die for. YUM. Also was able to stop and buy some weights cause the weight gain is getting real!! Gotta step up exercise time. Hmmm what else. Idk, it was just a great 2 hours in the mall seeing all the other missionaries. My whole batch ( THE GROUP JESSICA STARTED HER MISSION WITH) was at transfers too so it was so great to see them all again! LOVE THEM! So then we headed to the church for the announcements! I am...... in the CITYYYYYY. Yes! Well, as I told you on the phone call, my area is still pretty rural, but 10-15 minute jeepnie ride and we are right in centre of Naga! The best! So we come to the city every pday and for district meeting. This is where I belong :) McDonald's, Jollibee, Dunkin Donughts... the life. And! My new companion is Sister Ril! She is a Filipino (my 1st!) From Manila! Super sweet. Her follower up trainer was sister Taylor, my trainer. So it's fun we've got that common love for sister T in common! :) So I was so happy and just on a happy high until... buzzzkilll. We got to the house. Haha hopefully I will have time this week to send the pictures I was telling you about. It truly is atrocious, and I think I am being non-dramatic when I say that! But issalllgooodddd. Good thing momma has taught me some great cleaning tricks in my years. I will have this house sparklin by the end of the transfer... jk that would be 100% impossible. But I will keep up the daily scrubbing and it will get better! Haha so the area! So sorry. so spazzy but so short on time and I'm sitting right next to the Zone leaders- soooo ya. Gotta hurry up. Not gonna lie. First night was rough. Cried a lil bit. Was really missing sister Simpson and all the other Tigaon homies! And the house was reason enough to cry! But anyway, the rest of the week was great once we got out and about. The branch seems great! Some super strong members for sure! And we play volleyball every Monday morning with the single adults so that's a good time! Also set weekly dinner apt every Sunday. Legit. There are 6 missionaries in the ward. The other 2 sisters who we live with and the zone leaders. Oh ya! The other two sisters, one from Tonga and one from Pakistan. For sure not in the bubble of 
La Jolla anymore! But it's.... funn?? To get to know other cultures haha. So the area is good. We do a ton of tracting. It's kinda fun and awkward and makes me feel like a real missionary! 
I am happy and healthy and so PUMPED after that phone call! It was a great week here in... ehhh forgot the name of our area, so I will just say a great week here in the CITYYYYY. The city life is the good life! Love you all. Can't wait to talk again at Christmas ;) Have a wonderful week and know that I love you all tons! You are the best. Thanks to everyone for the love and support. I really have the best friends and family! Keep it up :) 
Sister Richmond
Top 10
2. livin' that city life (2 days a week for a few hours!)
3. We live in range of McDonald's delivery!
4. Elder Rock's package of American goodies
5. The van ride to Naga 
6. After trying to like mango for my whole mission, I mysteriously developed an obsession for them. I ate 4 yesterday
7. That vanilla almond granola mom sent. still makes my morning... every morning 
8.  fast Internet
9. Monday morning volleyball
10. McFlurry 

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