Monday, May 26, 2014

Jessica's Thirty Second Email! May 18th, 2014

Whewww! 2 hours goes so fast when you are emailing so I don't have much time! It's all good because not tons happened this week! I feel like I should tell you about all our investigators and their progression and all that cool stuff... buttttt, we don't have any super progressing!  It's ok though, I am learning to love tracting! It's actually way cool to see how God just places these people in our paths. Some of them aren't ready... but at least we can have a nice lil convo with them and give them a better idea about our beliefs. I am so happy to be a member of this church. I love the gospel so much and all it teaches us. 
So sorry if last week I sounded negative at all. The first week after transfers is always kind of awkward with the adjustment and everything. But let me just tell you... I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!!! I love the area. I love the branch. I love sister Ril. We seriously have so much fun together. Like walking around and getting straight up rejected all day... it could seem like a bad time. It is NOT. Haha don't get me wrong, so sad to see people reject the thing that I KNOW could make them happiest... but we still make the best of every day. We work hard. We walk, we talk to everyone, and we put in the effort. I know that God will bless us for these efforts, even if it's not this week, or even in this life. In the MTC one devotional speaker said how no good deed goes unnoticed by God. YES! These people might not appreciate us all the time, but God does. How cool is that?! He knows exactly how hard we work, how much we try, He knows it ALL. Ok so back to Sister Rill. She is so hilarious. She is helping me a ton with tagalog and is so awesome. She is from Manila and so every time I come to Naga, I can stop by and see her! Haha ya already planning to come back a lot :) So yes, we will be lifetime friends. I was honestly kind of scared to get a Filipina comp cause of cultural differences and all that. This week I learned WHO CARES! We are all children of God and we all have the same purposes as missionaries. In the last 7 months I have made so many friends from so many countries. There is nothing like a mission. Love this work. Ahhh I am sorry. I am just so pumped to be here today. Life is good!!
Let's see... what else. Ahh yes, the mango addiction. Still very much a thing! I ate 6 on Saturday... 6! If someone wants to look into health facts of the mango... I'd love to know if they are good or bad for you, haha. The ones I like are the green ones! They are so good! They are like not super sweet! So now I am just so concerned for what will happen in 11 months... DO WE HAVE MANGOES IN AMERICA!???
 Please say yes. I think we have the yellow... but the green?! Ahh I will pray for a yes on this one! Also...since I got to the Philippines I have not once bought a mango! How cool is that! Our Less actives and investigators just give them to us by the bag full because everyone here has a mango tree! OK, sorry. Got a little carried away. Moving on....
The house! Growing on me?? Haha jk it's totally not. All the members say there is a ghost. The apt has been in the mission since like forever and all the past missionaries have told stories to the members. Obviously don't believe it... but could help our case with the office elders of why we need to move ASAP! So here's the new game plan. I told sister Ril when we go tracting she can try to find new investigators and I will focus on finding a new apartment. Don't worry, totally a joke... but it does talk about using time wisely in PMG so I'd say that's a pretty effective use of time! Let me know your thoughts on this one! :)
Also I am forgetting some words in English which I am STOKED about!!!! Yesterday someone in church said vise-versa. Can't remember what it means and it's driving me crazy... like could someone please use it in a sentence or something?? I hardly speak English these days with sister Ril so it's weird how fast you can lose it! I am so pumped to be learning Tagalog. Poor sister Taylor... during my training I was kinda a rebel of a child for her haha. She tried so hard to talk to me in Tagalog and I would just answer in English. Wasn't having any of that. Now I realize how much speaking it helps you learn it.... quite the concept. I know haha. Ok well I think my blood pressure is like up in the sky right now and I don’t even know what I am saying anymore because I am typing faster than I knew I could. No time. SO much to say. Just know I love the mission. I love this life. I love challenges that make us stronger, and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Have a great week. Do what you know you should!!!! Until next week :) 
Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1.The grocery store here!!!!! Boneless skinless chicken!!!! Ahhhh Frosted flakes!!!!! Ahhhhh grapes!!!!! Ahhh so much more! 
2. Sister Ril! She is so funny. So reserved sometimes and just looks at me and says "sister, you so crazy" hahaha. Love her!
3. Zone training! Finally have some of my batch in my zone! Elder Denning and Sister Campbell! SO good to talk to them and catch up!
4. Language study all day er day with my lil Filipina comp
5. Saw a BMW... so not in the bushes anymore!!!
6. Volleyball this morning... such a good time
7. Our investigator came to church! Baptism date coming up!
8. Last night at our weekly Sunday dinner they whipped out the IMPORTED CHOCOLATE!!!! whadduuupppp gharidelliiii. 
9. So many fun emails today from some of my faves!
10. Christie and Daniel are leaving the Philippines tomorrow. Not glad they are leaving. But glad they made it out alive!!! 

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