Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jessica's Fifty First Email! October 5th, 2014

Okay. I had such a good week and I just can't go into enough detail but wow. One of the best for sure. Ups and downs of course! But overall, so happy. Before I forget, last week right after I sent my email I saw that I wrote that rice coffee is rice and coffee hahah. NO! We don't drink coffee. I meant rice and water. Okay. We good there?? Moving on. We did service for this lady this week. We met her one night and found out she had just had a baby 10 days before, had a handicap kid, and 2 others. No help and mounds of laundry. So, since missionaries are generally pretty helpful people we offered to come back in the morning and do her washing. And since Filipinos are generally pretty shy people, she said no. But of course we showed up anyway. 4 hours of laundry. 4! Took way longer than we thought it would but there was so much and like cloth diapers and stuff. Our hands were peeling the whole week haha. But hopefully her heart was softened as much as our hands and she'll let us come back to teach!!!

I got great mail this week! Letters from Amy, Catherine, Lindsey, some pouch, and...The greatest package from the Roberts full of the best Trader Joes has to offer! SO delicious! Thank you all so much for thinking of me! Ummm, okay! Can I just mention how much I love Lindsey Heap. I was DYING laughing all to myself the night I got her letter. She had me laughing... HARD. Catherine's was so sweet all about her temple experience and ahhh, such a good example. Teared up on that one. Mail time is 100% the stereotypical scenario. Sister Oliva was sick upstairs and I yelled that the ZL's dropped off the mail and she came sprinting down screaming and ahhh. haha just watch the best 2 years and you got it! Also! In the package was the EFY 2014 CD! I was soooo pumped... I think I've changed haha. Life is good. Oh, Amy mentioned Elmer isn't seminary teacher anymore! Who is the new teacher?! 7th ward always has the best of the best, so I'm sure the youth are lucky with whoever it is! Anyway, yes. Loved the mail this week. THANK YOU!

This week I was in the shower one night and I saw what I thought was a worm until I poured water on it and it started slithering away. Totally a baby snake. Then the next day, a centipede, I swear that shower hates me.

Hey! How was conference?!?! We will watch it this weekend, cant wait!!!! BUT! We did get to watch the women's conference and it was AMAZING!!!! #amirite?!?! I LOVED IT. We had Marez come and oh my! All my batch sisters minus Sister Moulton were there. SO fun to catch up after. Those talks had us all a lil too excited about marriage. What?? No... I'm kidding. But yes, loved the whole thing. Especially when President Uchtdorf mentioned all my fave social media. And then said it all just doesn't matter! YES! True. Harsh reality check haha. Really made me miss the temple. But hey, only 6 months till I can go again! YEP! I will be hitting my one year mark this week! I cannot even believe it! IT GOES SO FAST! Really sad, but of course excited to see you all again. As my wise cousin once said... it's time for the 6 months to sexy diet hahah. We'll see.

Wanna hear about the BEST baptism!!!! OH MY! Yesterday morning Angela got baptized before church and it was unreal. Probably my favorite one yet. She is the 14 year old I told you about. Mom is not a member and dad is less active. Well! They both showed up!!!! AHHH I was beyond happy to see them walk in. Couldn't stop smiling. AND! They both got so choked up during the baptism. Also her grandma and aunt were crying. The spirit was SO strong. Just so much love overflowing from one room... literally overflowing! That's how many people showed up! Too good. I of course had to conduct the music and as I was leading while Angela changed, just the look on everyone's faces. SO touched. Musical number! Disaster haha. Her uncle who baptized her came in and saw his name on the program under musical number haha, little mistake. So he panicked, pulled out a pen and started crossing it out and writing baptizer on all the programs. I couldn't stop laughing. SO then, we get to that part of the program and Jojo, the Branch mission leader, announced that the missionaries would be doing the musical number. Cool. SO since Sister Deyro was on the piano, that meant me and the elders sang since the other 2 sisters weren't there yet. SO yes, I stood up there in the middle of the elders and we sang. Awfully to be honest. But the spirit decided to stick around anyway, so that was a blessing. The whole thing was just perfect. We had 5 investigators show up . And Angela's testimony was just so pure. She is the best.

OK, well, I love you all. I love this gospel, and I love Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for what he did for us so that through the proper authority and ordinances, we have a clear path to return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven. I love you all. Have a great week!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. CASEY AND MICHAELA ARE ENGAGED!!! wooohoooo. Congrats you two. Excited to meet my future sis-in-law a bit better soon. Hey! Just remember that I'm a big fan of weddings and 6 months isn't so long! ;)
2. Angela's baptism!!!!
3. Finished my first full journal. Haven't missed a day. That thing is like a novel I tell ya.
4. I told Sister Deyro I would buy her a 7-11 ice cream cone if she ate a piece of charcoal... and she did it!!!! Missionaries have to be entertained too, right??
5. The other 2 sisters in our apartment said I was sleep talking in Tagalog the other day! I was so pumped.
6 Package from the Roberts and wonderful letters!
7. Women's conference session!
8. President Uchtdorf mentioned Insta, Pinterest, and FB in his talk! We have the coolest leaders!
9. Sang "My Country Tis of Thee" yesterday for comp study... ya, my comp is a Filipina haha
10. Picked a huge splinter out of our 42 year old investigator's hand after his work at construction. So not ready to be a mom... like ever.

 Loopholes to the "no baby holding" rule

 Yay, baby diapers


 I still <3 pineapple

 Ready to POP. 
She didn't have any prego pics to show her baby one day so I fixed that!

 Angela and her uncle

 Lola throwin up the peace signs

 Angela and her PARENTS!!!! :)

 Putong clan

 That's Lolo Antonio next to me, lookin good

 P-day eve

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