Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jessica's Fifty Third Email! October 19th, 2014

What a great week, as always! First of all, I am transferring tomorrow! We got the call Saturday night, so tomorrow we will go to the transfer point and I will find out where I am going and who my companion will be. I'm almost packed but oh goodness, stuff just keeps accumulating, and packing your whole life into 2 bags is quite the task, let me tell ya!

I am excited and have really enjoyed my time in Camaligan. I feel like I have done my best and we have made a difference! Even if it's just in the relief society! Since I've been here we've had 3 investigators get baptized. All are teenage girls. Only a 14 year old, and two 18 year olds. Luckily I've got mom and Emi who both were baptized when they were teenagers, and look how much good they've done in the world. So yes, we'll keep trying to find the families, but my hope is that those 3 girls turn out just as active and awesome as my mother!

So yes, MAREZ GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Ahh it was wonderful. She was so excited and everything went pretty smoothly. Her family couldn't end up making it :/ But she still was thrilled and had such a glow. And miracle.. both speakers showed!

We got mail this week. Always the best. Got some great dear elders from Sister Bertha of course, wonderful letters from Dave and Kari Rich AND! The greatest birthday card from Megan Bertha! OH MY! It was all these pics of when we road tripped home last year and just the funniest, happiest card ever. So many memories.

I hope you all know how much I am loving the mission. There is nothing that could compare to the things I have learned and experienced here. I am excited for the next 6 months and a new area to spice up the adventure! Kari mentioned how proud she is of my eating these days and I just realized how much a mission can change a person. Even the simple, seemingly insignificant stuff like the food a person will try! hahah, but I guess my life will be a lot happier now that I don't have to live off of hamburgers- ketchup only- and grilled cheese. I think you'll get a kick out of this week's fish pics family! Sad I missed out on so many fish meals at home! And yes, we really just eat it just how you see it in the pic!

Well, I love you all. I know that Jesus Christ's church that he established on the earth has been RESTORED, not REMADE. It is exactly and perfectly the way Christ would have it be. And I am sooo beyond happy to be a member of it. I'm grateful to my parents and all those before them who made the right choices so I could be born into this church. This stuff is real. I don't think I'd be kickin it in the Philippines if it weren't. We have the Book of Mormon. Such a blessing we can read it every day and grow closer to God just by doing the simple things like that. WE ARE BLESSED.

Well, I love you all lots. Thanks for everything. I'll fill ya in on the new area and all that next week! Have a lovely week.

Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Marez's baptism
2. Dreamed that I was holding Brit Mann's new baby boy. That will be the day. My dreams have been crazy lately. Every night. So real.
3. I was eating the bag of unwrapped Reeses from my b-day package. Took me right back to creamery parties with kuya case! (No idea what she meant by this?)
4. Went for a run this morning and ended it at a pandesal shop for a little bit of warm bread!
5. Transferred! New adventure! 
6. 6 lovely months in Camaligan
7. Taught a ton of lessons this week
8. Casey is alive! Finally got an email to prove it ;)
9. Going to SM later for a lil shoppingggg
10. I am a missionary in the Philippines... what else do you need! :)

My new favorite food... not even kidding

 Creepiest man in the world

 She wanted a sign too, but did a little editing. 
Punch Satan in the noggin hahah

 Coolest card from Megan!!!!!

 Dasico family

 Buena family

 We had a lot of spare time waiting for people to show up hahaha

 Cooking fish balls

 Angela- recent convert

Painted my companion's nails for the first time ever

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