Monday, February 16, 2015

Jessica's Seventieth Email! February 15th, 2015

The days seriously are FLYING!!!! I feel like I JUST emailed... but then uploading pics I am so shocked some of this was only a week ago!!! Time is the trippiest thing EVERRRR. The family walk earlier looked like so much fun, why didn't Brandon come home??

Well, this has been quite the day because we went to the CAVE. It is a CAVE. Like a real CAVE. Just in the middle of the mountains! It was our district activity and so we all met up and went on a hike to get to the cave. We had 3 YSA from the branch and an older tatay come with us. The tatay brought his machete to kill any snakes and he knew the way so it was super good he could come. The entrance is so sketch! Like you have to climb down this little latter thing and the steps are falling apart. And there are bats coming up in your face. Literally almost didn't do it haha, but the elders talked me into it. SO then we got down and I was like, cool! Let's take a pic and get outta here! Well, that's not what happened haha. We had to crawl through this little hole thing to get through to the real cave, which goes on for like, ever. Well, that's how it felt. So the water is like up to your ankles and it's just the creepiest. So many bats! We brought flashlights though. We had to climb and jump and just kept on going. They we got to this one part and saw some baby snakes climbing up the wall. I was sure that would be my pass outta there but the elders insisted we press onward haha. Went a lot further for a lot longer. Luckily after like an hour of walking they saw a cobra snake, so we started to make our way back. Also, right to where we got, the water was like neck high, so we weren't allowed to go any further anyway. It was crazy and I'm glad I got to experience it, also don't think I'll ever go in another cave... as long as I live. It's more fun in the Philippines.

So other than the district activity, it was a pretty normal week. We ended up teaching 34 lessons, but this week we are planning to work Sister Salima to DEATH so we set a goal for 40 lessons. It is super high, but I think we can do it. I'm excited! Should be good. This week we found so many potentials and these people are amazing! Like their questions are straight out of preach my gospel. They are SEARCHING for the truth, and I know we've got it! So hopefully they can feel the spirit working in them. I'm excited to see their progression!!!

So Tuesday we had exchanges with the "Milaor A" sisters. It was great. I was with Sister Gisala and Sister Salima worked with her old companion, Sister Micabani. Both are Filipina and just great! It was a good day. Then on Wednesday we had our district service project fixing up the yard of our investigator who is sooo pregnant. Like, maybe she had her baby this week, we'll go see one of these days. She's so sweet and super wants to get baptized, she just isn't married. Sister Taylor is actually the one who found her, so well done nanay! I love when I fill out the area book and I can totally recognize Sister Taylor's handwriting and see who she started teaching and everything. I was so blessed to have her as my trainer!

Among all our lessons this week, there was one that REALLY stood out to me. It was about temples. Those are my favorite lessons to teach because I love the temple SOOO much and all that we do is really just to help people to get to the temple to fully receive the gifts God has waiting for each of us! I love the temple and am so jealous that Sister Salima will be there in like 9 days! That will be a lovely day. I love telling people that they can be sealed as a family forever... like FOREVER. Too exciting!!!

Hmm, what else! Oh Valentine's day we went down to San Fernando cause the sisters asked us to go help them with finding! So we had some great lessons and a lot of new people we tracted and talked to. Also they taught me how to cook sinigang! So good!

And of course the highlight of my week, or like life, Sister Emilia Doncheva has entered the MTC! Everyone should send her some love at and read her letters at SO HAPPY FOR YOU EMI!!!! Missions are just super exciting :)
Okay, I love you all! Have a terrific week. Talk to ya next week!

Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Emi is a missionary!
2. District activity in the CAVE (still have mixed emotions about this one actually)
3. Finally a sunny day!
4. Finding with the San Fernando sisters. Had a nice run-in with the iglesia missionaries hahah. Always a fun/awkward occasion.
5. Learned how to cook sinigang. Can't wait to make it for you.
6. So many new investigators who actually like listening to us and don't hide from us!
7. Passed the goals we had set for this last week.
8. The members downstairs now cook all 3 meals for us everyday for only 400 pesos a week. That's like 10 dollars for 21 meals. They are the nicest.
9. Sister Salima was craving cookies one day so I made them that night. I love cookies.
10. One week left with my bestie Sister Salima

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