Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jessica's Sixty Ninth Email! February 8th, 2015

IT'S A BOY!!!!!! I am so excited for my little nephew to be born in June! Can't wait. OK. This week was PACKED. Literally every day had something so fun or exciting happen. And I'm almost out of time so I will make this quick. Oh! But before that! EMI!!!! Ahhhh Sounds like the farewell went so well and I am so proud of Sister Emilia Doncheva! Safest travels to ENGLAND this week. Too legit. Everyone be sure to send Emi letters! Nothing like good support from all of you! Too blessed!

So Monday! Our branch president baptized his son! His son is a special child and he wasn't sure he'd be able to baptize him, but he was so excited and it was just great! Also we had dinner over there after and there was TURKEY! First time eating that on my mission. So good! It tasted like Thanksgiving.

Tuesday we had MLC at the mission home (Mission Leadership council or something)?? All the zone leaders and STL's come together and talk about the progress of the mission and discuss challenges and eat REALLY good food and it was just a good time. Also we rode the train there with the Zone Leaders in the morning which was SUCH A GOOD TIME!!!!! It was rockin back and forth and felt like a roller coaster!

Wednesday! Exchanges with the Milaor sisters. Sister Mariano and Sister Gisala, both Filipina. I worked with Sister Mariano and had such a hardworking, good day! That is until a HUGE semi got like inches from hitting her. I couldn't even move for a few minutes. Scariest thing of my life.

Thursday we had to go to one of the sisters apartments in our area cause they were having some problems which we will just classify as "Girl Drama" hahah. When we got there they were crying in separate rooms, hadn't talked all day. But by the time we left an hour or 2 later, they were hugging and laughing and getting ready to go teach. It was unfortunate, but turned out to be a great experience to see the spirit working in each of them to put aside their differences and get back to work. Fun to help them out.

Friday was zone training. We had to give part of the workshop about why we teach The Plan of Salvation. Simply put, because The Plan of Salvation is the best thing in the world! Any problem or concern or heartache can be made right through The Plan of Salvation. There is so much comfort in every principle! Also a nice bonus, the senior couple came and Sister Hoopes brought us all a choc chip cookie! Too good.

Saturday we taught a workshop to all the youth about fellowshipping! It's everybody's responsibility! It was fun and they enjoyed it. Also Saturday night I made choc chip cookies. I now see mom's point that EVERYTHING is better with butter, but all we have here is margarine... but they still turned out okay.

Sunday I finished the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time on my mission. This time I highlighted every time it said Christ's name in any form. I focused my study on how The Book of Mormon really is another testament of Jesus Christ. We really get to know Him so much more as we study that book! I am so grateful for it.

This morning we cleaned for 3 hours. It was heavenly. We moved every piece of furniture and everything and cleaned sooo deep. I think we ended up killing about 20 cockroaches. So satisfying!
Overall, such a good week! I also got a post card from Madison from Brazil and the Rick Richmond family Christmas card. So classy. I am so happy and loving every day.

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. IT'S A BOY!!!!!
2. Emi had a wonderful farewell and leaves for England in 3 DAYS!!!!!!
3. Finished the B.O.M. again!
4. Sister Araja sent me pics of our investigator's baptism last week!
5. Tatay hung our hammocks on our rooftop patio. Decided 5 minutes a night I will go out there, so peaceful just overlooking rice fields.
6. We were teaching a 7th day Adventist and she said the funniest thing. Said their Catholic priest used to always tell everyone to read the bible but when she actually started doing it she realized how many things her church was doing wrong so she switched religions.
7. Found so many new potentials this week!
8. Our house is so spotless
9. Emi's just really legit
10. Fun times with Sister Salima... 2 weeks left!

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