Monday, March 30, 2015

Jessica's Seventy Sixth Email! March 29th, 2015

OK! I know these emails are supposed to get a lot better as the weeks go by, but here we are, one email to go and I'm just gonna let you know this will be the worst email you will get from me! It was a wonderful week as always! We had exchanges with the San Fernando sisters and I worked with Sister Ramos! We were here in our area and got to visit a lot of really great people. We had a baptism on Saturday! Our 2 investigators, Jam and Joshua got baptized! Joshua's still 8 but only his grandparents are members so technically he's a convert, but that kid has been coming to church forever! Jam was soooo happy. We were in the bathroom after while she was changing and she said it was like the best shower she ever had! Clean inside and out! Then she bore a great testimony all about the blessing of repentance and forgiveness! Like I said, a new person! We also just had a district activity at the beach!!! It was so beautiful. My companion cooked some delicious food and we had a lovely game of volleyball. It was quite the hike to get there! Makes blacks feel like a piece of cake! I have no pictures from the baptism or district activity! Elder Ondivilla has a nice camera so he is the designated photographer and I will copy his pics next week! haha just picture a really good time!

I can't really think, I never sleep anymore!!! Like I'm up all night! And I just hit my head getting off the jeep which doesn't help! I swear that has happened at least once every week of my mission! These things are just not American sized!

Oh!!! We had zone conference on Friday. Such a highlight!!!!! Oh my! And we watched Meet the Mormons which was AMAZING!!!!! Such a cool movie to show we are actually normal people! Loved it! If you haven't seen it yet, you should!!! Also I was sitting next to two elders from Salt Lake and that Snowbird scene got us!!!!! We were dying. I told them I'll be there in 2 weeks, so let's pray for snow hahah.

CHRISTIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy birthday to the best sister ever! Love you so much! Hope you enjoy your day!!!! :) I'll give you your birthday hug next week! And yesterday was Grandpa's birthday! Miss him every day! Such a good man. Not sure what it was about this week, but we ate lots of spaghetti! That's what everyone here eats for birthdays! Question... do we put hotdogs in spaghetti?? I can't remember. I feel like I thought that was strange when I first got here, but now I can't imagine it without?? Also the spaghetti is really sweet here.

Another perk of this week, free rides! On the highway there are always buses going to Manila and they won't stop if they know you are going local. Well this week there were like 3 nights when we didn't have another way home so we stood there trying to wave them down. And all 3 times one stopped and let us in even when we said where we were going! Then when we went to pay they said it was on them!!!! SO kind! There was the creepy guy who said our payment was our phone number, but he let us ride for free too even though we didn't give it to him! These people are just the kindest!
Could this be any more all over the place?? The work is good! We have progressing investigators and found 8 new solid investigators this week!!!! I hope you all enjoy conference this week!!!! When I email next week, mom and dad will probably be heading to the airport to come here. SO INSANE. I am excited to work hard this week. We have MLC tomorrow and then the rest of the week will just be GO TIME! I love you all!!!!

Sister Richmond

Top 10
1.  Jam and Joshua were baptized!
2. 7 more cold bucket showers
3. Watched Meet the Mormons at zone conference!
4. Got letters from Sister DONCHEVA and Sister RAY!!!!! Good day :)
5. Personal study in Jesus the Christ. I'm learning so much from that book!
6. District activity
7. Perfect score on cleaning check
8. I can swim when mom and dad come!
9. Free bus rides!
10. A progressing area!

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