Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jessica's Seventy Third Email! March 9th, 2015

BRANDON IS GOING TO URAGUAY!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! Seriously so pumped for you The Don!!!!! Was totally hoping for Naga, but let's all just start to fast and pray that bunners will come here! Totally out of the loop with all these Spanish speakers in the Richmond home and I'll need a friend too! You will be so good BRANDON!!! I love you and am one proud sister!!!!! 

Wanna hear about the last 36 hours of my life??!?!? Because it was INCREDIBLE!!!!! Like the most fun I've had in maybe.... 17 months???? ;) It was literally the best. So yesterday we came down to the mission office and met up with the foreigners in my batch going home. There are 5 of us sisters and 3 elders! The office elders drove us to the AIRPORT (YES! we went on a plane...) and we flew to Manila. There was a guy holding a sign after baggage claim for the LDS missionaries and he took us to his van and drove us to the immigration center there. This place was HECTIC. So the reason we got to go on vacation hahah jk, I mean go to Manila, was to do finger printing for our exit visas or something. It took a solid 2 or 3 hours and we had to get pictures taken, finger prints and stuff like that. Let's just say that place makes the DMV seem enjoyable! We met a ton of elders and sisters who are in the Manila MTC about to go to their missions! And they are like all American. One was Sister Allagretti from the Bertha's ward. She walked in and yelled my name and we had a nice San Diego bonding moment! She was way fun! We also OYMed to this guy who told us he was "kinda" a member. Totally served a mission and isn't so active but we had some nice conversations about his mission and all. Also, he was 35 but I think Sister Moulton would agree this guy looked wayyyy good for his age! American also. Sooo, after a long time in that place and no food we went to check in to our hotel. Traffic is a joke here by the way. And then we checked in and got a hotel shuttle to the Mall of Asia for dinner which I guess we could just call heaven on earth for a more accurate description! It was so nice. Also I talked the shuttle drive down from 500 to 400 pesos using some tips from my mama!!!! So we went and ate at SUBWAY... yes... SUBWAY!!!!! Like the one with fresh, healthy, non deep-fried, rice-stuffed sandwiches! And I won't give you the whole schedule of all that's happened, but just know since I got to Manila and until I got on the plane back here to Naga I ate Krispy Kreme, Subway, Cold Stone, Wendys, andddddd Jamba Juice!!!!!!! And spent a few minutes in the BIGGEST Forever 21 I have ever seen in my life. Needless to say we would all love prayers to be able to focus for the next 4 weeks. It was sooooo much fun and I am excited to go back to work... but I can't stop thinking about how awesome this day has been! 

Our landing this morning was beyond sketch. We were straight up on one wheel for like 5 seconds. 
Okay, so as far as the rest of the week went, it was great too!!!! We had MLC on Tuesday! My companion didn't ended up joining and I'm the only solo in the mission so Sister Reeder was my comp for the day haha. It was great. I love MLC so much! Then Wednesday the Milaor sisters came to our area and I had exchanges with Sister Apsay! It was super good! Friday we had zone training and I'll spare ya the details cause it was BRUTAL, but this elder had a nice 20 minute convo with me about whether or not I realize how much weight I've gained and if I ever try exercising and here are just a few quotes to really help ya get to know the guy: "Well do you still send pics home or are you too embarrassed?" After I said I still do he replied, "Well what does your mother say??" A few minutes later when I jokingly (but very seriously) said he was mean and he said "No sister! Filipinos don't get offended about weight," and I said "Elder I'm american, not Filipino!" hahahah it was hilarious and Jamba Juice pumped me up this morning. Looking forward to Christie's green smoothies soon!!!! Ok ok what else. I REALLY want to tell you all about our investigators but we only have a little time to email before we head back to our areas!!!!! We also had emergency exchanges on Saturday because a sister just had an operation so I went and worked with her comp, Sister Beia in San Fernando. Good times. I love you all! Congrats brandon!!! The work is good!!!!! Jam will be baptized on March 28!!!!! She's so solid!!!! Such a change. Won't go into details, but she's 15... and has a 2 year old kid. She's great. We may also have a few more investigators before I leave if they keep their church attendance up!!! Hopefully! Pray for them :) I love you! Have a great week! Ahh one more thing. Mail is kinda sketch so thanks for the love and support, but wouldn't recommend sending anything else!!!!! I have been so blessed. I love you all! 

Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. 5 investigators made it to church! 
2. Manila vacation
3. Rode in a plane
4. Time to catch up with my batch!!!!!
5. Saw Sister McCoard and Sister Coleman from my MTC district who are assigned in Legaspi!!!!
6. Weekly planning we were setting personal goals and I wrote make the dates count instead of make the days count on accident. I promise I'll focus this week! 
7. Best food of my life
8. HOT WATER SHOWER this morning. Divine. First one in 16 months. (She means first HOT shower in that time, not the first time bathing in 16 months. HAHA.)
9. MLC
10.  Mall of Asia

Subway Selfie

And here are pictures from Sister Moulton's Blog from Manila!

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