Monday, December 8, 2014

Jessica's Sixtieth Email! December 7th, 2014

Friends and family!!! Hello!!! What a week. To start, I do NOT love typhoons haha. As I think most of you know there was a super typhoon in the Philippines this last weekend. Our area of the Philippines wasn't really hit too bad. We were in lockdown for 48 hours in the church and we just got out a few hours ago, but so far I haven't seen much damage around Daet. We were very blessed!

So on like Thursday I think the Zone leaders texted that a typhoon was coming and to make sure the 72 hour kits and all of that were stocked. Then Friday they texted and said that Bicol region would be affected so we would be on lockdown starting at noon on Saturday. Well, since our apartment is only one story, that means we have to go to the church in case of flooding. Quite a hassle to be honest. So Friday I packed up most of my stuff just in case and put in in plastic up in the top of my closet. We weren't really expecting flooding, but better safe than sorry, right?! Friday we went out to work and everyone was telling us we needed to be inside and not walking around haha. They just don't know the life of a missionary. Even the slightest drizzle and they try to tell us to go home. Friday night Bishop and his fam had us 4 sisters over for dinner. Good food. Good company. Good time!
Saturday we did studies and stuff, then headed to the church at noon. I was literally hysterically laughing like a psycho person because it was the funniest sight. Like the sun was shining and here we were evacuating from our beautifully safe house. Bringing out jugs of water and loading the tricy up and stuff. We had a LOT of stuff. Food, books, clothes, just lots of stuff.

Saturday we just kinda set up camp in an empty bishop's office. Actually, bishop had a tent and we really were planning to set it up in the cultural hall! Camping at its finest. But we never got around to it. When we first got to the church they were having a meeting so there were lots of people. Eventually they were all leaving and this super kind sister in the ward was there and felt bad we would be all alone for the night since no other evacuaters came. So she and her granddaughter stayed with us. Such a sacrifice cause they didn't even have a change of clothes! So the 6 of us slept in the little room. Just had the little foam pad that they use for nursery aka... not sanitary. Luckily I brought my yoga mat! Woke up and got ready for church in the bathroom. We just had sacrament meeting and Sunday school but I was shocked at how many people showed up! They are in the middle of a typhoon and they just kept on comin!!!! Great meeting. Then we studied, got in a SUNDAY NAP!!!!! The life. Well, the sister who had stayed with us went home and bishop was leaving but he felt bad leaving us all alone so he made some arrangements! Had one of his counselors with a tricy go get a family who said they would stay with us. So nice of them! A mom, her two daughters and one of the daughter's husbands. The other one just got home from her mission and we spent the evening listening to her crazy mission stories!!!! And you all thought I was having crazy experiences; foreigners aren't even allowed in her mission! Anywayyyy, we were so blessed with so much love and support from ward members. Bishop did so much to make sure we were okay and cared for and everything. Even vacuumed for us and hooked it up with the aircon! This typhoon was a lot different than the last cause Glenda was SO crazy strong but only really lasted a few hours. This one wasn't as gnar but lasted like 2 days with really strong wind and rain. Could hardly even notice in the church though. This morning the family who stayed with us called their friend who is also our investigator and he came and got us in his pickup truck. We put all our stuff inside and sat in the bed of the truck. Pouring rain. So fun. Wish we got a pic. The rain was pelting my face and I'll admit I felt a little cold for a second. Felt like sitting on the ski lift! Which reminds me... how is Snowbird... will there be snow in April?!?!?

Anyway. Good week. We got to teach a lot in the beginning of the week so that was a huge blessing!!! I though a lot about Grandpa on December 6th. Can't believe it's been one year. I love that man so much!

Hope Sister Taylor, Katie Jett and Bailey all have wonderful birthdays!!!!! Dec 9 is such a party haha.  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Thank you so much for the love and prayers!!!!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Kindness of Bishop and members during the evacuation
2. We had carolers at our apt last Monday!
3. Elders trippin at the pic of me, mom, and dad at Uncle Ray's wedding. Literally didn't believe mom was my mom. Thought I was the older sister hahaha. mama- you've got a fan club in Daet.
4. Cherry coke from Sister Deyro!!!!
5. Sweetest package from Sister Renfro! Personalized stationary :)
6. Dinner at Bishop's, love that family!
7. Dream come true.....
8. Safe from the Bagyo!
9. Got the house all organized again this morning!
10. Sister Rada's mission stories

Packed to evacuate

The homeless sisters

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