Monday, December 22, 2014

Jessica's Sixty Second Email! December 21st, 2014

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S ! ! ! ! Wooohooooo. It has finally arrived!!!!!! I am so pumped to talk to you all so soon!!! Let's all pray for good internet and not so many gamers this time around haha.

Hope everyone had a fun week!!!
I sure did! Minus this illness. haha I have such a horrible cold and it's just so ridiculous cause it's so hot outside and here I am walking around sneezing like crazy and just such a sore throat. Don't worry Chris, I'm using my oils! The honey and lemon does wonders! :) And you know when you have a super bad cough that you cough so hard that you start gagging (maybe that's just me??) well ya... that! So hopefully I'll be all healed up for Skype so I can hear you! ;) Butttt, all that aside, what a fun week!!!!!

On Wednesday I had exchanges with Sister Ngakuru! She is from New Zealand. One of my favorite sisters in the mission, hands down. She goes home in just a few weeks! Ahh but we had a great day. Worked hard, laughed hard, taught hard. We also had a dinner appt. that night at the stake president's mother in law's birthday party. I think she's upper 70's?? Still goin hard. Karaoke and all. Love it! Sister Naks and I were trying to whisper to the kids which songs to play cause there were some prime ones on that CD, they weren't havin it though!!!

Thursday, Mission Conference!!!!! Okay, you know how it was all just so devastating cause the party was split and all that... the Reeders made up for it BIG TIME. We watched FROZEN! Yes, as in the Disney one. I've never seen so many people ages 18-25 get sooooo pumped for a Disney movie. Oh you shoulda heard the room during the kissing parts haha. I love life as a missionary... it's the little things. After the movie and lunch we had a talent show. My district just sang a hymn, part in English part in Tagalog. So fast haha. The struggle was real. But there were some hilarious talents and so fun. Then we went in the chapel and the Reeders both shared wonderful Christmas messages. And ohhhh how the spirit was strong. We sang a ton of Christmas hymns and it was lovely!!! Christmas Conference is the happiest day of the year! Oh and I got a package from Kari Rich!!! SO many good snacks and toys for kids and so fun! Also, the pics of some of the 7th ward "babies". These kids are getting HUGE! SO crazy. I couldn't believe it. A year can do a lot to a person! And Catherine, my wonderful skuzin wrote me the sweetest note! Congrats to the Richmond fam's newest lawyer!!!! I've got some awesome cousins!

We were out of our area for a bit this week between exchanges and conference, but! We still had some quality lessons!!! And some where you just wanna strangle the people who still just will NOT read!!!! Just do it!!! sheesh! If anyone reading this doesn't read the B.O.M. every day, stop wasting your time reading this and open that thing up haha. It is our ROAD MAP back to Heavenly Father. I know we get closer to Him when we study His doctrine and the gospel of His son, Jesus Christ!

Oh such a cool thing! That guy I told you we found who was baptized at age 10 and hasn't been since. Now he's 19 and he came yesterday for the 3rd time and bishop talked with him and he will be getting the priesthood soon! He is so legit! Even gonna go later today to help the YSA set up for the Christmas party tomorrow! He's amazing!!! Makes it all worth it!!!!

We're also helping a recent convert and an investigator to kick their smoking addictions! They have made such progress this week!!!! So fun to see the CHANGE in people. Never stand still! Just gotta keep improving every day, every hour!!!!

Okay, well we are out of time but I'll Skype ya on Christmas! 12 noon!!!!!! CANT WAIT!

Merry Christmas!
xoxo, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. We watched FROZEN!
2. Christmas Conference!
3. Exchanges with Sister Naks
4. Got a letter from my recent convert Marez in Camaligan. She's so legit!
5. Referrals from the elders! hahah our boundaries are just not so clear so like 4 times we've accidentally crossed areas and tracked in theirs and them in ours! Great finding :0 JK, trying to figure out the lines! I think the river is the divider. No street names haha
6. 3 days till SKYPE!
7. Package from Kari. The kids love the flying pony toys!!!
8. This week is CHRISTMAS!
9. Finally just watched 'He is the Gift'
10. Quality people. Quality lessons. Quality times.

 Little piece of home!

 Welcome to the life of a white person in the Philippines! 
The ZLs getting photo attacked

 The best meal! Cannot wait to take you here mother and father!

 Exchanges with Sister Ngakuru!

 Train wreck of a talent

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