Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jessica's Sixty First Email! December 14th, 2014


First thing is first. Bad news!!!! Mostly just a bummer with Emi and the fam but if you ask me, it's quite tragic! Chatting is now BAWAL!!!! Sooo, we can only send one email per person per week. This is one of those times when you just gotta trust the mission President because he is the best and obviously receives inspiration. And I really need the Lord's help to be a good missionary, so cheers to striving for exact obedience. This will be a test for sure hahah.

Other sad news... The mission Christmas party has been SPLIT!!! Most horrible thing you've heard in your life?! ya... me too. Mostly because I have tons of friends going home in January... from all over the world... and will never see them again! Breaks my heart so much. But again, can't complain against the Reeders because they are my life heroes. And on the bright side, our half of the mission conference is 3 zones and one of them is Labo. My girls Sister Moulton and Sister Campbell are in Labo so it won't be so bad I guess.

Has everyone watched the "HE is the Gift" video and shared it with friends and on Facebook?!?!? Hope so!!!! We actually haven't even watched it yet hahah. Tried at least 4 times but the internet just is so horrible and it hasn't loaded the last 4 weeks!!!! Hope it's good though!!!!! Share the gift!
Some other good news! Got a ton of mail complete with a letter from the 5-6 primary class in 7th ward. So sweet! Please send my love :)

This is quite an eventful week. Check this out... on Wednesday the 17th 4 of my best friends from BYU and fellow 22's come home from their missions! Welcome home Megan Bertha, Mary Lamphier, Anneliese Carter, and Hannah Scow!!! They all just keep on comin!!!!!! Also Daniel, Mary, Jess T, and Abby T all have their birthdays on the same day! So happy birthday! And Emi hits the big 1-9 on the 21st!!!! Enjoy all the celebrations everyone :)

Finals are going on so good luck to The Don and Casey and everyone up at the Y! I don't miss those!!!!!

The work!!!! The work was pretty good this week! We have 2 investigators who had baptismal dates, but they just are NOT keeping their commitments, so that will be pushed back. Invited another investigator to be baptized and he is pumped. He sat with us at church yesterday and I think he'll stay right on track.

We did a service project this week that was way random and kind of a waste of time. We went to a school, got fed and gave flip flops to little kids. But there were so many other volunteers. It was fun to see the kids get so excited though and throw their other flip flops with huge holes in the bottom right into the river! It was 2 wards of missionaries so there were like 12 of us maybe??

We went around and taught a bunch of members this week. Shared a Christmas message with them and asked who they could share the gift with. Told them to look the video up to really get pumped... even though like I said, we haven't been able to watch it! We ended up getting tons of referrals and we contacted most of them. Some real potentials!! Members are the way!!!!!

There is a girl from the ward who got back from her mission in Hawaii this week. Her name is Jessica. hahah so weird hearing my name like 100 times yesterday at church. She's great though and excited to work with us. AND! She brought 2 boxes of stuffing home with her. Said she'll have us over for stuffing. Score!

Not a super eventful week, (hence, no pics! Sorry mama) just lots of good lessons and miracles in the work!!!!!

I love being a missionary!!!!!! Especially at Christmas time. The church is true. The work is good. Only 10 days till Christmas! CANT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Christmas Devotional last night
2. The area has totally clicked!!! Not a lost girl wandering around anymore!!!!!!
3. Sharing Christmas messages with members
4. Referrals!!!!!!
5. Zone training got me all pumped up to find!
6. Gonna go for a lunch date with Sister Moulton and Ronquillo right now at Shakeys!!! (PIZZA!!!)
7. Letter from Elder Pugmire in Guatemala and Sister Bertha in England! So fun
8. Sister Araja's aunt sent loads of kit katssssss
9. 10 days to Christmas!!!!!!
10. Service-ISH project

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