Monday, November 24, 2014

Jessica's Fifty Eighth Email! November 23, 2014

Ahhh l just got back from the best district activity ever!!! I think I say that every time, but this was just so lovely!!! We went down to the beach this morning and hung out! Then we played a game of like kickball. Kinda! We used coconuts as the bases and a flip flop as the ball, improvising! But way fun. Attempted some jumping shots, I hate to brag but... it's my specialty ;) Then we ate at this beach resort, Catherines! Pizza, too fun!

Anyway! Such a good week! A lot of people asked me last week how the weather has been, so here's the latest!!! The last few weeks have been super rainy, like at least a few hours a day it rains, and sometimes the sun doesn't come out. But don't be fooled, still super hot!!!! To be honest I think I like the summer better, ehh undecided. But trekin around muddy roads in a skirt isn't my ideal. But when it's the work of salvation, who really gives a hoot about the weather, right?!

Also dad asked about the kabahays! The other 2 we live with. Love them! We have such a good time and just laugh so much when we're all home at night! They both are wonderful cooks, so that's a plus as well! It's already week 5 of the transfer-- I'm in disbelief! It FLEW! So next week are transfers, but I'm hoping there are no transfers in our apartment. I love my 3 Filipinas haha. Heck, I'm prayin for no transfers in the whole district!

OH!!! Got my packages and mail!!!! I got both the packages from you mom!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!! Perfect! And just in time because I think this week is thanksgiving! So I'm gonna make the pumpkin spice cookies for district meeting on Thursday! Might not have pie, but thanks to you mother, we'll still be celebrating!!!! (my district is 7 Filipinos, 2 Americans, and a Canadian... but we'll get them all on board with the festivities!) Also! Got a package from Aunt Shelley!!!! Thank you so much! A wonderful festive Christmas pillow case and a cute little cosmetic bag! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!! Can't wait for sewing parties with the aunties! Thank you!!!! I got a ton of letters!!! Mostly from some of my favorite sisters serving in the U.S.!!! I love my friends so much!!! haha the elders who had all the mail gave it to me at church and they were so bitter!!! "Sister Richmond!! You have 10 letters!!! We were holding them over the open flame of our stove and were so tempted to burn them!!!!" hahah funny guys! Thank you all so much for the love! Oh and Sister Carr wrote me! Said she's new in the ward! Please tell her thank you very much for me!!! :) So kind!
Birthdaysss! Happy birthday to my cousin Jesse Richmond!!! It's been so long since I've seen him!!!! Also JD!!!! And Jessica Frandsen!!! Hope you all enjoy your special days! :)

Okay, so we have an investigator who will be baptized this weekend!!! Yes! Her name is Julie Ann. She's 17 and is so wonderful! She had her interview this last weekend and is all set! She had some doubts, as most people do. But! We were able to bear some powerful testimony to her that this is what God wants for her! Because I know that is true! This is what God wants for every one of his children! To covenant with him through being baptized in His sons name! It was the strongest I've felt the spirit in a long time. She had tears in her eyes and was fired up again to continue with the baptism! It's moments like that when it all pays off!

Hey! Have you all seen the directory thing on!? It is so legit! Pictures and all! I was looking through the 7th ward directory because I am not so much in the loop these days with callings and such! So many cute new couples in the ward! So fun!!!! Also! While Julie Ann was being interviewed we were indexing and working on family history!!! Have you all even logged on to family search? Cause according to that I am an only child!!! Also Grandma is so legit! Our tree goes back like 30 generations, we're talking pre-1000's!!!! So you should link up to me so I'm not all alone on there siblings!!! Thanks!!!

Hmm what else! Oh yes! Taught this guy. Born here, then moved to OXNARD of all places!!! Got a good laugh outta that one. Mother's home town. Gets me every time. So weird talking to him in English!!! I say some super awkward things when I try to small talk in English! Funny guy though, less active! We'll get him coming back! Also fun fact... he brought his 7 cats from the U.S. over with him.

Well, we are just about out of time so I will share with you all a scripture I read this week during my personal study!!!!! Mosiah 23:9 "...and I myself was caught in a snare and did many things which were abominable in the sight of the Lord, which caused me sore repentance." Sometimes people think ahh I'll just repent later! Not so easy!!!! I love that he used the word sore. For me I picture nails on a chalkboard somewhere in the equation. We need to strive to be worthy and not justify our sins! Just a thought! :) Also in general I just love this part of the Book of Mormon when the stories of Limhi, Alma, and Ammon all end back up in Zarahemla with Mosiah! Must have been such a happy reunion!!!!

Well, before I get off let me just tell everyone maybe the best news I have ever received in my whole entire life!!!!! My sister has now told people so I can inform you that MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER AND HER HUSBAND ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!! Yepppp, I will be auntie Jess. Wish you all could've seen how happy I was the day I received that email a month ago. I kid you not, I cried! And the best part, I will be home!!! So if I seem especially giddy these days, just thinking of that cutie orange sized baby chillin in Christie's stomach :) 
On that note I hope you all have a lovely week and do what you can to save a soul!!!! 
Lots of Love,

Aunt Jess... I mean Sister Richmond!!!

Top 10
1. District activity this morning at bagasbas beach!
2. Packages and letters this week!
3. 7-11 hot dogs. I know, I used to get mad when the boys ate it in the car cause it made me sick. Well, now it's like a beautiful bite of the 4th of July!
4. Got some indexing in this week! I <3 family history!
5. Someone said I look like Brooke Shields this week for like the 20th time on my mission. Who is this chick?!
6. Made cheesy eggs for dinner! yep! SM has got that real cheese.
7. 1/2 day mission yesterday! We were in the group with bishop and his family!
8. We had a scheduled dinner apt. this week!

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