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Jessica's FIfty Sixth Email! November 9, 2014

Sounds like the fam all had a fun weekend home! Thanks for the pics and everything! We had a good week here as well! I was sick... like every sickness all in one haha but at least I just got it all outta the way so I should be healthy for the rest of the mission now...I think that's how it works, right?! We were still able to work though and had some great lessons! Oh my! Except for al...!!!! HEARTBREAK! He was on track for baptism, excited to go on a mission, the whole shibang! He dropped us! Had a chat with some of his Catholic leaders and... well don't wanna be rude so let's just say they changed his mind about the whole thing. (**brainwashed**) SO that was hard. We tried everything. Asked questions to respark his interest. Prayed with him about it, and so much more. But he was set.

I guess I haven't told you much about my companion actually, so here's a little about her... Sister Araja. She's from Manila. She'll be 20 in like 2 weeks. She's been in the mission for about 8 months. Her favorite color is purple haha. Not sure what info you'd wanna know but she's great and I love her! We get along so well. We are halfway through the transfer and haven't had even the slightest misunderstanding or anything. She's great!

Also a little more about Daet. I told you it's packed full of less actives, right?! SO many! But the ward is SO strong! Especially the bishop. SO involved in the work and works with all the sets of missionaries. He has the greatest family. His baby looks like a Filipino Cali Rich! Miss that girl! People here speak Tagalog!! It's awesome! No more mix of Bicol and not knowing if I'm just way worse at Tagalog than I thought or if people are speaking Bicol. Love it! Our area is super huge! Like a ton of barangays and so far, so it's taking me wayyy longer to learn the area than the last 2. But we're gettin there! Basically, I love it here.

Okay, super embarrassing story... (Not sure how public that blog thing is where you put my letters home... so anyone reading this just don't judge me haha) So we were leaving a less active's house and it was super dark. I stepped out and I SWEAR I saw a snake. So I ran back in the house yelling "ahhh may ahas, may ahas" There's a snake! Well Sister Araja goes out for a peek and comes back in laughing sooo hard. So I peeked out the door and... well it was a stream of water with some soap glistening in it moving JUST the way I think a snake would. I was pretty embarrassed when all the little kids were laughing at me hahah, but we had a good laugh andddd in a moment of panic I yelled in Tagalog so that was exciting. But... the snake incidents for the week did NOT end there!

We had exchanges this week with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) and it was an ADVENTURE. Craziest 24 hours of my mission haha. I was with Sister Rosenberg from Australia and Sister Araja was with Sister Naks from New Zealand. SO fun. SO we went over Friday night and were just waiting for them to get home. So I'm calmly just writing in my journal when we hear SCREAMING. Then they came in with the other 2 sisters who live with them. One of the other sisters had cut her heel open and it was SO deep and horrible. Blood everywhere. So they were trying to clean it up but it was bad, so they called Sister Reeder and she said for us to take them to our bishop's house because his wife is a nurse and the other sisters didn't know where he lives. SO sister Araja went with the inured sister and her comp to bishops and I went to the pharmacy with the STL's... at like 11 at night. Too exciting roaming the streets past curfew haha. And like we had permission, so don't worry! So we went to bishop's, she got all fixed up, and we got home and to bed around midnight. Then up at 6 for their district service project. And.. just to make the day more exciting my voice was gone... like literally couldn't talk, had to whisper the whole day! It was soooo fun, and felt more like a hike than service cause it was soooo far in the mountains where we had to go. We cleared a field for these recent converts to plant their pineapples. But the hike was amazing to get there. Super muddy little trail and then we ended right by this river where the lady picked some fresh pineapple and cut it up for us. Dad, it was delicious! Reminded me of cutting up the pineapple with you for Sunday dinners! The best! we were just finishing up cleaning the field, the elders spotted a huge python! They caught it in this hole with sticks and knives and it was INTENSE. But they got it and skinned it to take home and they said they were gonna cook it up. Gross haha. But after the snake adventure, the member cooked us lunch... right out there in the middle of NOWHERE with a little pile of wood and a fire. And then we ate it along the rocks in the river. SO perfect I can't even explain and the pics just don't do justice! We did our companion study on the rocks while we waited for lunch to cook. Such a neat morning. Then we headed back and I just got to know Sister Rosenberg SO well. So many cool stories and we just talked the whole hike. She is so strong and loves the gospel so much. When we headed out for work we had to take this horse carriage thing to get there and the roads were sooo bumpy, but still neat. I always see them but haven't been on one yet. I still couldn't talk... so she did most of the teaching except when I would testify and scream as loud as I could... which sounded like a horrible alien mouse. But it was great. Learned lots from her as I always do on exchanges.

I was supposed to give a talk yesterday, but I just got my voice back this morning... so my companion is the best and she gave one instead hahah. Last minute, I owe her! K well this is wayyy longer than  meant for it to be, just had so much fun on exchanges haha.

I love you all! Got mail this week! Thanks for the letter Brandon!!! SO cute and sweet and he did it all on his own! You would be proud mom. Also got tons from my favorite missionaries, so thank you all so much!!!! WELCOME HOME LINDSEY!!!!!! Can't believe the first of my best friends is home... they're all just gonna start coming home in no time!!!!! Sister Heap is amazing, you all are lucky to have her back!!!! Enjoy the beach Linds :)
Love you all, have a wonderful week! Safe travels back to Utah boys!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Service project on exchanges
2. "Night on the town" on exchanges
3. Wrote all my recent converts this week for language study!
4. My voice is back! And I have a great comp who picked up the slack when it was gone!
5. Zone training. SUCH a strong spirit. So motivating to just get out and work harder than ever
6. Mail from my faves
7. A 75 year old lady worked with us this week! That's what I call enduring to the end!
8. The "BFF" club newsletter last week was the BEST! SO fun to hear all the updates on the family. And my grandma does water aerobics and is the COOLEST grandma in the world!
9. Last p-day we went to the SM here. Such good American food! Got some apple sauce!
10. We have a less active guy in our area and his wife is an investigator but he just won't marry her even though they've been together like 12 years and have 4 kids! We taught how important it is and then he said he doesn't have a ring or anything. So I found the fake diamond ring I had forgotten in my bag that a past investigator gave me and he proposed right then hahahaha. And their whole fam was at church yesterday!

 The elders did the 3 mnute challenge

 The place I thought I saw the snake hahha

 The legend

My old comp, Sister Ril and the American she is training! Zone training

 My OBSESSION!!!! Siomai!!!!!!

 I'd tell you how often I eat it... but it's quite shameful!

 That's us in the top right.  
Health book our less active made full of random pics hahahah

 And here is him fortune telling our lives. It was a HARD lesson!

 11 pm on the streets

 Sister Rosenberg

 My compppp


 Comp study

 Lunch on the rocks

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