Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jessica's Fifty Seventh Email! November 16, 2014

Not a very eventful week. But it was wonderful as always. Full of progress for a ton of our investigators, nothing better!!!! We have this recent convert who was baptized a few months before I got here, Jasper. He's like late 20's. So he has this cousin, Brian, and he just moved in with him. He's like early 30's. So we decided to teach Brian. He was super open to us coming by and we've been able to teach him a few times. A few days ago we went by and Jasper's mom was gone so we couldn't teach. We decided to run over to Bishop's and see if we could teach there. They said of course because they are the BEST family. So we went and grabbed Jasper and Brian and headed back over. Bishop and the whole family sat in and just bore such strong testimony. As we were teaching I realized that's where the sisters taught Jasper all the lessons, right there at Bishop's house. Now it's just gone full circle and he's back in the same chair, but this time he's one of the ones testifying and teaching and ahhh. So cool, right?! Here we've got this recent convert just so pumped to help others find the joy of the gospel. We've got an active member who opened up their home to be a friend to this guy on his search for happiness. We've got the cutest baby ever sitting there, actually very unrelated actually, but cute babies just make every situation that much better! SO pretty much it was just such the ideal setup. We were able to share a strong message about the Book of Mormon and what a blessing it can be in his life! MEMBERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. I hope you don't ever forget that!

We also had a lot of progress with the lady who I told you about last week. The one who isn't married to her husband, well technically boyfriend I guess?? haha just feels weird saying bf when there's 4 kids in the mix, but yes! That couple. We went over and just got everyone all rallied up and pumped for a wedding, and a baptism!!! They have 2 kids over 8 also, so they were so excited and said they will help get the wedding on the way. The little 8 year old girl said "excited na excited talaga ako na mabinyagan!" It was precious! So we were able to set goal dates with them for both the wedding and the baptism!

I told you the bishop here is incredible, right?! So hardworking!!!! He went with us to one of our lessons this week to a pretty eternal investigator, Randy. His wife is a member and he's gotten close to baptism many times. We decided to just be bold and really see what his concerns are. In the grand scheme of things, they were very minor. So we were able to clear those up and get him on date for baptism.

Like I said, lots of progression this week! Heavenly Father is just blessing us left and right. We're gonna get our teaching pool hoppin by Christmas!!!! Can't wait. This area is amazing.

Yesterday we had a cool experience to go to a group out in Basud. It's under our ward so we switch off going out there as support to the group. SO few people go, it's crazy! So we went out with the district leader, they're the ones over the group, and they were like, oh Sister Richmond, you're speaking haha. classic. So we were able to meet some of the members out there. There's only maybe 15 of them who attend and they just have sacrament meeting in the barangay hall, so like the rec center at home. But it was neat to see and really made me grateful for the 7th ward back home. Sometimes I just don't realize how blessed I am!!!!

Oh! Another fun thing! Our apartment is under construction!!! Too bad these pics aren't working today, I guess you'll see next week. But it's hilarious. Two of our door frames were destroyed by termites... so they had to rip out the cement and it's been quite the ordeal. They did it while we were doing weekly planning, struggle to focus hahah. And we had to talk to president to make sure it was fine and it's been crazy! Oh, and the best part... we haven't had a front door since Friday! haha we have a gnarly gate so it's impossible to get inside but it's still weird just having it so open. Been spraying tons of bug repellent before bed. I think we'll have a door tomorrow though, fingers crossed.

Well, I love you all tons!!!! Sounds like you all are doing legit things with your lives... keep up the good work! Studied a lot this week about the importance of work. It's a commandment. We can never allow ourselves to become idle! Talk about a guilt trip for all the wasted hours last summer on army wives!!!! hahah. Keep killin it!

Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Daniel and Christie's Halloween costume. I was dyingggggg. That pic is on my wall!
2. Met this Indian lady while tracting. We couldn't really talk to her cause she hardly knows English or Tagalog. She's been here for 4 years!!! Made me really appreciate the gift of tongues!
3. Met the weirdest guy. Chased us down to ask about God. Then part way through the convo said he was a Mormon missionary too. We were like uhhh where's your comp and name tag, I don't think so! So then after much questioning he admitted he just wanted our number. Said we couldn't give it but would give his to the sisters in his area. He said "so you're not looking for love" uhhh. strange people.
4. Safe even without our front door!
5. Extended some baptismal dates this week! It's go timeeee
6. Got to visit 2 members in the hospital this week
7. Learned how to clean out fish this morning! We got back from the wet market (cannot wait to take you there mother. you will DIE) and I pulled all the guts out of our fish! hardly even gagged
8. Sitting in this shop with a good handful of my favorite missionaries
9. Lindsey's airport pics!!!!! Enjoyed <3
10.   Why is number 10 always so hard to think of?! It's been a good week!

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