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Jessica's Fifty Fifth Email! November 3rd, 2014

Hello! And happy p-day :) It was a pretty good week here in DAET! We worked hard and saw MIRACLES. Oh! But first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TJ AND HANNA!!!! Hope you two enjoy your birthdayssss!!!! Okay, so Monday night during personal study I was reading in Jacob, and I read this verse and it just hit me! The Lord is working WITH us. We are not working for Him, but WITH him. It was powerful and I realized I am so grateful to be a part of this work. A year and a half with Jesus Christ's name on my chest, such a great privilege. It was Jacob 5:72 "And it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their mights; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them; and they did obey the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard in all things."

This week rained, a lot, every day. It's raining right now... again. Haha I realized I do not love the rain when I am a missionary in the Philippines walking around dirt roads and trying to teach with rain pounding on metal roofs so loudly that it's impossible to hear the people. We pray for clouds. Not the sun, not the rain, just some clouds would be nice :) But yesterday I don't think it rained at all which was a nice break for sure! It's just a real struggle cause nobody wants to let you in when it's raining. Not sure why, but that's how it is.

The work was also a little harder this week because of All Saints Day. They don't really celebrate Halloween here, but Nov. 1 is All Saints Day. You honor everyone who has died. So people go and like sleep at the grave yard and party and it's crazy haha. So we had early curfew on the 1st. Other than the rain and holiday though, we had some powerful lessons! We have soooo many less actives here that sometimes when we are tracting, our potential investigators end up being less actives! But It's fun and we are really trying to get some of them back to church.

We have some really great investigators though. Julie Ann and Alje are both working towards baptism. There are some hard things they need to get through though, like Alje's work! He just started a new job and it's heartbreaking! He was progressing so well but then he works 8-8 every day now. No day off. So it's impossible to teach him :( We'll get him there!

There is also a recent convert who is amazing! He goes by boy. So hilarious. He works here so his fam is in a different place but he is excited to go visit them and teach them all he's learned about the gospel! He alwayssss gives us Milo (like hot choc stuff) and a snack when we are there. Such a neat guy. 

OH! Okay, I cut my heel open. So painful haha. Here's the quick version of what happened! There was a cat that kept getting into our trash on our front porch and so I had to keep brushing him out with the broom. Well I had enough haha. So I grabbed the poison spray we have for insects and rodents that is superrr gnarly and I sprayed him and the food in the trash in hopes that.. well I think you know. And as I was walking back in, the screen door slammed so hard on my heel and the metal sliced it right open. Luckily I have been blessed with another comp in the nursing major, so she got some gauze on it and I'm on the recovery! But I'm wearing flip flops at the moment (got permission from Sister Reeder) and it is sooo weird. Forgot how much I love flip flops! :)

I'm sure I'm missing tons, but it's too hot to think right now haha. It was a lovely week! OH!  I remember!!! Just some fast Sunday miracles! I fasted for a few different things yesterday that are VERY important to me. Today within 2 minutes of logging in I got emails from 3 people I fasted for and they all mentioned things that were EXACTLY what I was fasting for. It was such a neat thing to see how directly and quickly God can answer our prayers if that is His will and His timing. We just have to show the faith!!!! So have a wonderful week, and keep the faith!

Love, Sister Richmond

Top 10
1. Convinced my comp to walk this week.. a lot. Filipinos like to take triceys and padyaks, but sometimes the weather is just so nice (ish) and it just feels sacrilegious to not take advantage of the blessings!
2. I tried a hard boiled egg for the first time... not bad.
3. AND! A hamburger at this cute American-ish diner place. (Keep in mind I ordered this by choice! It had lettuce, tomatoes, AND onions! Loved it all so much. Never going back to ketchup only! :)
4. Had FHE and taught the kids how to play duck, duck, goose
5. Found a FAMILY! We've only taught them once, but oh the potential is so evident!
6. Now that I hit a year I sometimes go back and read my journal entries from 1 year ago. It's so entertaining. Such amazing experiences... and they were still in the MTC days!
7. Special area broadcast last night. Elder Oaks is in Manila!
8. Wearing Flip Flops. Like I said kinda weird, and it's cause my foot is hurt... so ups and downs??
9. One day this week without rain!
10. There is a 7-11 next door to the shop we email. Can you say Slurpeeeeee time?!?! :)

 Making their dinner

 THE DON!!!!! I got so excited, thought it said Brandon


We ran in the grocery store on Oct. 31 and they had HALLOWEEN cupcakes! 
I was in heavennnn

I really ate that burger. Shocked?? Me too

Complete with an American flag

 The FUNNIEST guy. Kept takin selfies with us

 Bishop on his birthdayyyy

 Accidentally kinda matching

Caring to my wound hahaha

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  1. Love this missionary! What amazing experiences you are having by sharing the message of the Restoration. Bless you! And it cracks me up that you went clear to the Philippines to discover the beauty of a hamburger with all the fixings! xoxo